Ezekiel 35
Young's Literal Translation

Prophecy against Mount Seir

1And there is a word of Jehovah unto me, saying: 2‘Son of man, set thy face against mount Seir, and prophesy against it,

3and thou hast said to it: Thus said the Lord Jehovah: Lo, I [am] against thee, O mount Seir, And have stretched out My hand against thee, And made thee a desolation and an astonishment.

4Thy cities a waste I make, and thou art a desolation, And thou hast known that I [am] Jehovah.

5Because of thy having an enmity age-during, And thou dost saw the sons of Israel, By the hands of the sword, In the time of their calamity, In the time of the iniquity of the end: 6Therefore, I live — an affirmation of the Lord Jehovah, Surely for blood I do appoint thee, And blood doth pursue thee, If blood thou hast not hated, Blood also doth pursue thee. 7And I have given mount Seir for a desolation and an astonishment, And have cut off from it him who is passing over and him who is returning, 8And filled his mountains with his wounded, Thy hills, and thy valleys, and all thy streams, The pierced of the sword fall into them. 9Desolations age-during I make thee, And thy cities do not return, And ye have known that I [am] Jehovah.

10Because of thy saying: The two nations and the two lands are mine, and we have possessed it, And Jehovah hath been there; 11Therefore, I live — an affirmation of the Lord Jehovah, And I have done according to thine anger, And according to thine envy, With which thou hast wrought, Because of thy hatred against them, And I have been known among them when I judge thee. 12And thou hast known that I — Jehovah, I have heard all thy despisings that thou hast spoken Against mountains of Israel, saying: A desolation, to us they were given for food. 13And ye magnify yourselves against Me with your mouth, And have made abundant against Me your words, I — I have heard. 14Thus said the Lord Jehovah: According to the rejoicing of the whole land, A desolation I make of thee. 15According to thy joy at the inheritance of the house of Israel because of desolation, So I do to thee — a desolation thou art, O mount Seir, and all Edom — all of it, And they have known that I [am] Jehovah!

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