Ephesians 4
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1I who am a prisoner in our Lord request of you, therefore, that you walk just as it is suitable to the calling in which you are called, 2In all humility of mind and quietness and patience, and that you would be patient one toward another in love, 3And to be diligent to keep the harmony of The Spirit in the bonds of peace, 4And that you would be in one body and One Spirit as when you were called in one hope of your calling. 5For THE LORD JEHOVAH is One, and the faith is one, and the baptism is one, 6And One is God The Father of all, and over all, and with all and in us all.

7But to each one of us grace is given according to the size of the gift of The Messiah.

8Therefore it is said, “He ascended to the heights and took captivity prisoner and he has given gifts to the children of men.”

9But that he ascended, what is it but that also he first descended to the lower regions of The Earth? 10He who descended is the same who also ascended higher than all Heavens to restore all things. 11And he gave some who are Apostles and some who are Prophets and some who are Evangelists and some who are Pastors and some who are Teachers, 12For the perfecting of The Holy Ones, for the work of the ministry, for the building up of the body of The Messiah, 13Until we all shall be one entity in the faith and in the knowledge of The Son of God and one perfect man with the dimensions of the stature of the maturity of The Messiah, 14Neither shall we be children who are shaken and troubled for every wind of crafty teaching of the children of men, those who plot to seduce by their cunning. 15But we have been firm in our love that all our affairs may increase in The Messiah, who is The Head, 16And from him, the whole body constructed and joined in every joint, according to a gift given in measure to every member for his growth of the body, that his building may be completed in love.

17But I say this and testify in THE LORD JEHOVAH, that from now on, you should not be walking as others of the Gentiles who walk in the emptiness of their minds, 18And they are dark in their intellects and are aliens to the Life of God, because there is no knowledge in them and because of the blindness of their heart, 19Those who have cut off their hope and handed themselves over to lewdness and to the cultivation of every impurity in their lust. 20But you have not learned The Messiah in this way, 21If truly you have heard him and you have learned of him, as whatever is truth is in Yeshua. 22But you should put aside from you your first way of life, that old man, which is corrupted by deceitful desires, 23And you should be made new in the spirit of your minds. 24And you should put on the new man, who has been created by God in righteousness and in the purity of the truth.

25Therefore, put aside from you lying and let a man speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another. 26Be angry and do not sin, and do not let the sun set on your anger. 27Neither should you give place to The Slanderer. 28But whoever has stolen, let him not steal from now on, but let him toil with his hands and produce good that he might have to give to the one who is in need. 29Let not any hateful words come out of your mouth, but whatever is good and useful for improvement that you may give grace to those who hear, 30Neither be grieving the Holy Spirit of God, for you have been sealed in him for the day of redemption. 31Let all bitterness, fury, rage, clamor, and insults be taken away from you with all wickedness, 32And be sweet one toward another and affectionate, and be forgiving one another, just as God in The Messiah has forgiven us.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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