Genesis 13
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Abram and Lot Part Ways

1And so Abram gat hym vp out of Egypt, he and his wife, and al that he had, and Lot with hym, toward the South.

2And Abram was very ryche in cattell, in siluer, and in golde. 3And he went foorth on his iourney, from the south towarde Bethel, vnto the place where his tent had ben at the begynnyng, betwene Bethel and Hai: 4Euen vnto the place of the aulter whiche he had made there at the first, and there Abram called on the name of the Lorde. 5Lot also whiche went with Abram, had sheepe, cattell, and tentes. 6And the lande was not able to beare them, that they might dwell together: for theyr substaunce was great, so that they coulde not dwell together. 7And there fell a stryfe betwene the heardmen of Abrams cattell, and the heardmen of Lottes cattell: Moreouer, the Chanaanites, and Pherisites dwelled at that tyme in the lande.

8Then sayde Abram vnto Lot: let there be no strife I pray thee betweene thee and me, and betweene my heardmen and thyne, for we be brethren. 9Is not the whole lande before thee? Seperate thy selfe I pray thee from me: yf thou wilt take the left hande, I wyll go to the ryght: or yf thou depart to the ryght hande, I wyll go to the left.

Lot Proceeds toward Sodom

10And so Lot lyftyng vp his eyes, behelde all the countrey of Iordane, whiche was well watred euery where before the Lorde destroyed Sodome and Gomorrh, euen as the garden of the Lorde, lyke the lande of Egypt as thou commest vnto Soar. 11Then Lot chose all the playne of Iordane, and toke his iourney from the east, and so departed the one brother from the other. 12Abram dwelled in the lande of Chanaan, and Lot abode in the cities of the playne, and pitched his tent vntill Sodome. 13But the men of Sodome were wicked, and exceedyng sinners agaynst the Lorde.

God Renews the Promise to Abram

14And the Lorde saide vnto Abram, after that Lot was departed fro hym: Lyft vp thyne eyes nowe, and loke fro the place where thou art, northwarde, southward, eastwarde, and westward: 15For all the lande whiche thou seest, wyll I geue vnto thee, and to thy seede for euer. 16And I wyl make thy seede as the dust of the earth: so that yf a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seede also be numbred. 17Arise, and walke about in the lande, after the length of it, & after the breadth of it: for I wyll geue it vnto thee. 18Then Abram taking downe his tent, came and dwelled in the playne of Mamre, which is in Hebron, & buylded there an aulter vnto the Lorde.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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