Hosea 4
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God’s Case against His People

1Heare the worde of the Lorde O ye chyldren of Israel, for the Lord hath a controuersie with the inhabitauntes of the lande: for there is no trueth, there is no mercy, there is no knowledge of God in the lande.

2But swearing, lying, manslaughter, theft, and adulterie, hath gotten the ouer hande, and one bloodgiltinesse foloweth another.

3Therfore shall the lande mourne, and all they that dwell therein shalbe rooted out, the beastes of the fielde, the foules of the ayre, and the fisshes in the sea, shalbe consumed.

4Yet let no man rebuke or reproue another, for thy people are as they that are at controuersie with the priest.

5Therefore shalt thou fall in the day tyme, and the prophete with thee in the night, and I wyll bryng thy mother to destruction.

6My people perishe for lacke of knowledge: because thou hast refused knowledge, therfore wyll I refuse thee also, so that thou shalt no more be my priest: and forsomuche as thou hast forgotten the lawe of thy God, I wyll also forget thy chyldren.

7The more they increased in multitude, the more they sinned against me, therfore wyll I chaunge their honour into shame.

8They eate vp the sinnes of my people, and encourage them in their wickednesse.

9Thus the priest is become lyke the people: Wherfore I wyll punishe them for their wicked wayes, and rewarde them according to their owne imaginations.

10They shal eate and not haue inough, they haue vsed whordome, but shall not prosper, they haue forsaken the Lorde, and not regarded him.

11Whordome, wine, and newe wine, take the heart away.

12My people aske counsell at their stockes, and their staffe teacheth them: for the spirite of fornication hath caused them to go astray, and they haue committed fornication against their God.

13They make sacrifices vpon the tops of the mountaines, and burne their incense vpon the hilles, yea vnder the okes, poplars, and elmes, for there are good shadowes: therfore your daughters are become harlots, and your spouses haue broken their wedlocke.

14I wyll not punishe your daughters for beyng defiled, and your spouses that became whoores: seeing the fathers them selues haue medled with harlots, and sacrificed with whoores: but the people that wyll not vnderstande, must be punished.

15Though thou Israel play the harlot, yet let not Iuda sinne, come not ye vnto Gilgal, neither go ye to Bethauen, neither sweare ye, The Lorde liueth.

16For Israel is rebellious like an vnrulye heysfer: nowe the Lorde wyll feede them as a lambe in a large place.

17Ephraim is become partaker of idols, let hym alone.

18Their drunkennesse stinketh, they haue committed whordome: their rulers loue to say with shame, Bryng ye.

19The winde hath bounde them vp in her winges, and they shall be ashamed of their sacrifices.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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