Micah 7
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

Israel’s Great Misery
(Matthew 10:34–39; Luke 12:49–53)

1Wo is me, I am become as one that goeth a gleanyng in the haruest: there are no mo grapes to eate, yet would I faine with al my hearte haue of the best fruite.

2There is not a godly vpon earth, there is not one righteous among men: they al lye in wayte for blood, and euery man hunteth his brother to death.

3Yet they say they do wel, when they do euyll: the prince asketh, and the iudge iudgeth for a rewarde, therfore the great man speaketh out of the corruption of his soule, and so they wrappe it vp.

4The best of them is as bryer, and the most righteous of them is sharper then a thorne hedge: the day of thy watchmen, and of thy visitation commeth: then shalbe their confusion.

5Let no man beleeue his friende, nor put his confidence in his brother: kepe the doore of thy mouth from her that lyeth in thy bosome.

6For the sonne dishonoreth his father, the daughter riseth against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in lawe: and a mans foes are euen they of his owne housholde.

Israel’s Confession and Comfort

7Neuerthelesse, I wil looke vp vnto the Lorde, I will patiently abyde God my sauiour: my God shall heare me.

8O thou enemie of myne reioyce not at my fall, for I shall rise againe: & though I sit in darkenesse, yet the Lorde is my light.

9I will beare the wrath of the Lord, for I haue offended hym till he sit in iudgement vpon my cause, and see that I haue right: then will he bring me foorth to the light, and I shall see his righteousnesse.

10She that is myne enemie, shall loke vpon it and be confounded, which nowe sayth, Where is the Lorde thy God? myne eyes shall beholde her when she shalbe troden downe as the myre in the streetes.

11This is the day that thy walles shalbe buylt, this day shall dryue farre away the decree.

12And at that time shall they come vnto thee from Assur, from the strong cities, and from the strong holdes, euen vnto the riuer: from the one sea to the other, and from mountayne to mountayne.

13Notwithstanding, the land must be wasted, because of them that dwell therin, and for the fruites of their owne imaginations.

God’s Compassion on Israel

14Therfore feede thy people with thy rod, the flocke of thyne heritage whiche dwel desolate in the wood, that they may be fed vpon the mount of Carmel, Basan, and Gilead, as aforetime.

15Maruelous thinges wil I shewe thee, like as when thou camest out of the lande of Egypt.

16This shall the heathen see, and be ashamed for all their power: so that they shall lay their hande vpon their mouth, and stoppe their eares.

17They shal licke the dust like a serpente, and as the wormes of the earth that tremble in their holes: they shalbe afrayde of the Lorde our God, and they shall feare thee.

18Who is such a God as thou, that pardonest wickednesse, and forgeuest the offences of the remnaunt of thyne heritage? He kepeth not his wrath for euer: for his delite is to haue compassion.

19He shall turne againe, and be merciful to vs, he shall put downe our wickednesses, and cast all our sinnes into the bottome of the sea?

20Thou wilt perfourme to Iacob thy trueth, and thy mercie to Abraham, like as thou hast sworne vnto our fathers in olde time.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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