Psalm 54
Berean Standard Bible Par ▾ 

Save Me by Your Name
(1 Samuel 23:7–29)

For the choirmaster. With stringed instruments. A Maskila of David. When the Ziphites went to Saul and said, “Is David not hiding among us?”

1Save me, O God, by Your name,

and vindicate me by Your might!

2Hear my prayer, O God;

listen to the words of my mouth.

3For strangers rise up against me,

and ruthless men seek my life—

men with no regard for God.


4Surely God is my helper;

the Lord is the sustainer of my soul.

5He will reward my enemies with evil.

In Your faithfulness, destroy them.

6Freely I will sacrifice to You;

I will praise Your name, O LORD, for it is good.

7For He has delivered me from every trouble,

and my eyes have stared down my foes.

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