Exodus 20:26
Good News Translation
Do not build an altar for me with steps leading up to it; if you do, you will expose yourselves as you go up the steps.

New Revised Standard Version
You shall not go up by steps to my altar, so that your nakedness may not be exposed on it.”

Contemporary English Version
And don't build an altar that requires steps; you might expose yourself when you climb up.

New American Bible
You shall not ascend to my altar by steps, lest your nakedness be exposed.

Douay-Rheims Bible
Thou shalt not go up by steps unto my altar, lest thy nakedness be discovered.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Thou shalt not go up by steps unto my altar, lest thy nakedness be discovered.

thy nakedness

Leviticus 10:3 And Moses said to Aaron: This is what the Lord hath spoken. I will be sanctified in them that approach to me: and I will be glorified in the sight of all the people. And when Aaron heard this, he held his peace.

Psalm 89:7 God, who is glorified in the assembly of the saints: great and terrible above all them that are about him.

Ecclesiastes 5:1 Keep thy foot, when thou goest into the house of God, and draw nigh to hear. For much better is obedience, than the victims of fools, who know not what evil they do.

Hebrews 12:28,29 Therefore, receiving an immoveable kingdom, we have grace: whereby let us serve, pleasing God, with fear and reverence. . . .

1 Peter 1:16 Because it is written: You shall be holy, for I am holy.

The Altar of Sacrifice
25And if thou make an altar of stone unto me, thou shalt not build it of hewn stones; for if thou lift up a tool upon it, it shall be defiled. 26Thou shalt not go up by steps unto my altar, lest thy nakedness be discovered.
Cross References
Exodus 28:42
Thou shalt make also linen breeches, to cover the flesh of their nakedness, from the reins to the thighs:

Exodus 28:43
And Aaron and his sons shall use them when they shall go into the tabernacle of the testimony, or when they approach to the altar to minister in the sanctuary. lest being guilty of iniquity they die. It shall be a law for ever to Aaron, and to his seed after him.

Ezekiel 43:17
And the brim was fourteen cubits long, and fourteen cubits broad in the four corners thereof: and the crown round about it was half a cubit, and the bottom of it one cubit round about: and its steps turned toward the east.

Exodus 20:25
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