Through the Bible Day by Day


The Human Life of the Son of God

Preface, Luk_1:1-4

I. Birth and Beginnings, Luk_1:5-80; Luk_2:1-52

1. Birth of the Forerunner, Luk_1:5-25; Luk_1:57-80

2. Birth of Jesus, Luk_1:26-56; Luk_2:1-20

3. Infancy and Development, Luk_2:21-52

II. The Life Devoted to Human Need, Luke 3:1-18:30

1. Ministry of the Forerunner, Luk_3:1-20

2. Baptism and Temptation of Jesus, Luk_3:21-22; Luk_4:1-13

Genealogy, Luk_3:23-38

3. The Galilean Ministry, Luke 4:14-9:50

Choice of the twelve apostles, sermon on the plain, miracles of many kinds

4. Journey toward Jerusalem, Luke 9:51-18:30

Sending out of the Seventy, parables teaching prayer, mercy, and judgment

III. The Life Rejected by Human Hatred, Luke 18:31-22:7

1. Last Journey to Jerusalem, Luk_18:31-43; Luk_19:1-27

2. Triumphal Entry-Cleansing of the Temple, Luk_19:28-48

3. Parodies of Judgment, Questions, Teaching about Last Things, Luk_20:1-47; Luk_21:1-38

4. The Bargain of Judas, Luk_22:1-7

IV. The Life Sacrificed for Human Sin, Luke 22:7-23:56

1. The Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden, Luk_22:7-46

2. The Betrayal, Luk_22:47-53

3. The Jewish and Roman Trials, Luk_22:54-71; Luk_23:1-25

4. The Crucifixion and Burial, Luk_23:26-56

V. The Life Remanifested and Glorified, Luk_24:1-53

1. Visit of Women to Tomb, Luk_24:1-12

2. Walk to Emmaus, Luk_24:13-35

3. Appearance to the Eleven, Luk_24:36-49

4. The Ascension, Luk_24:50-53


The third Gospel is the longest. It was probably written in Greece, for Greek-speaking people, by Luke, a Gentile physician, who had not been an eye-witness of the facts he describes, but had taken great pains to acquaint himself with the facts as related to him by eye-witnesses. See Luk_1:1-4. The old tradition is that Luke wrote under the direction of Paul, whose companion he was after the events narrated in Act_16:1-40.

It has been described as the most carefully composed of the three narrative Gospels; and is the reply to questionings that would naturally present themselves to cultured men who had been impressed with the strange beauty of the Cross. No one could understand better than the great Apostle the need of an exhaustive reply to such questionings, and of an authoritative history of the rise and progress of the gospel of Christ. Luke dwells specially on the early incidents of our Lord’s life, and some have detected in the Greek forms of the sentences the direct recital of Mary as she recounted to Luke those sacred recollections which, she pondered in her heart. There are many places where Luke uses medical terms, etc., which the other Gospels do not mention, and which show his training as a physician.

Luke addresses himself to show the universality of Christ’s gospel. He ignores all privilege of race, or caste or training, and traces back our Lord’s genealogy to Adam. It is thus that he, of all the evangelists, dwells on the message of the Baptist: “All flesh shall see the salvation of God.” In the same spirit he tells the parables of Luk_15:1-32, as well as that of the marriage supper; and contrasts the ingratitude of the nine Jewish lepers with the gratitude of the Samaritan. It is especially the Gospel of hope and love, of pity and faith.

{e-Sword Note: The following material was presented at the end of Luke in the printed edition}



(a) What are the main divisions of this Gospel?

(b) What important events and parables does it alone record?


(c) How does this Gospel compare in length with the others?

(d) What is known about the author?

(e) How is his character shown in his writings?

Luke 1-8

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding number in the Comments.

1. To whom is Luke’s Gospel dedicated? On what occasion did an angel appear to Zacharias?

2. What promise was made to Zacharias? Why was he afflicted with dumbness?

3. What message did the angel Gabriel bring to Mary?

4. How did Mary give expression to her faith and gratitude?

5. What circumstances attended the birth and naming of the son of Zacharias and Elizabeth? What did the father declare the child’s mission to be?

6. What facts relative to Jesus’ birth are given by Luke only?

7. What requirements of the Law did Mary have to fulfill for herself and the newborn child?

8. What did Simeon predict concerning Jesus? What prophetess declared a similar message?

9. On what occasion was the boy Jesus separated from Joseph and Mary? What was His answer when He was found?

10. What was the message of John the Baptist?

11. What supernatural events attended the baptism of Jesus?

12. How did Jesus overcome the subtle suggestions of the tempter?

13. What message did Jesus deliver in the synagogue of His home town? How was it received?

14. In what city did Jesus then make His residence? What miracle did Jesus perform there in the home of one of the disciples?

15. What did Jesus seek to teach by the miraculous draught of fishes?

16. What proof did Jesus present that the leper was cleansed? that the paralytic was healed?

17. What did Matthew first do on becoming a disciple of Jesus?

18. How did Jesus and the Pharisees differ with regard to the Sabbath? How is this brought out in the healing of the man with the withered hand?

19. What are the names of the twelve Apostles? What did Jesus teach concerning happiness?

20. What did He teach about our relation to others?

21. What did He declare to be the final test of character?

22. How did the centurion manifest unusual faith?

23. How did Jesus at Nain show His power over death? How did He answer the question sent by John the Baptist in prison?

24. What did Jesus declare to the multitude concerning John?

25. What parable did Jesus relate in the house of Simon the Pharisee? What was its occasion?

26. What were the varied conditions in the field described in the parable of the sower?

27. What did Jesus say about hearing? Why did His mother and brethren wish to see Him? What miracle did Jesus perform on the Lake?

28. What results followed the healing of the Gadarene demoniac?

29. Who was healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment? Whom did Jesus restore to life in the home of Jairus?

Luke 9-15

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding number in the Comments.

30. What commands did Jesus give the Twelve, on sending them out to preach? What did Herod say of Jesus?

31. What is the spiritual meaning of the feeding of the five thousand?

32. Whom did the people declare Christ to be? What confession did Peter make?

33. What did the voice declare on the Mount of Transfiguration?

34. Who met Jesus and His disciples as they came down from the mountain? What did Jesus teach His disciples about greatness?

35. How did James and John feel toward the Samaritans who rejected Jesus? How did Jesus test those who offered to follow Him?

36. What instructions did Jesus give the Seventy?

37. How did Jesus receive the report of the Seventy on their return?

38. What led Jesus to tell the parable of the Good Samaritan?

39. How did Mary and Martha differ in character? What did the disciples petition Jesus to teach them?

40. What may be learned from the parable of the importunate friend?

41. How did Jesus answer the charge that He cast out demons through Beelzebub?

42. Who did Jesus say would condemn the generation that rejected Him?

43. What was the attitude of Jesus toward the Pharisees?

44. How did He accuse the lawyers?

45. How did Jesus warn and encourage His disciples in view of approaching dangers?

46. By what parable did Jesus teach the folly and evil of covetousness?

47. How did Jesus show the needlessness of worry and anxiety?

48. What did Jesus teach about His second coming?

49. What did Jesus say about divided homes? About the signs of the times?

50. How did Jesus answer those who told of the Galileans slain by Pilate? What is the lesson of the parable of the fig-tree?

51. How did Jesus justify His healing on the Sabbath?

52. By what two parables did Jesus illustrate the gradual growth of the Kingdom? What did Jesus teach about the final separation of the righteous and the wicked?

53. What message did Jesus send to Herod? What was Jesus’ lament over Jerusalem? Where did Jesus heal a man afflicted with the dropsy? What was the result?

54. What did Jesus say regarding guests and hosts? What is the larger application of this teaching?

55. What excuses were offered by those invited to the Great Supper? How were their places filled?

56. How did Jesus enforce the need of counting the cost of discipleship?

57. To whom did Jesus tell the parable of the lost sheep? What other parable of similar teaching did He tell at the same time?

58. What are the main teachings of the parable of the prodigal son?

59. Whom does the elder son represent?

Luke 16-24

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding numbers in the Comments.

60. What is to be learned from the parable of the unjust steward? What did Jesus say about serving two masters?

61. What did Jesus teach about divorce? What is the teaching of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus?

62. What warning did Jesus give about causing offense? What should we say when we have done all that is commanded us?

63. What did Jesus say when one of the ten lepers turned back to give thanks? How did Jesus reply to the Pharisees who asked when the kingdom of God should appear?

64. To what did Jesus compare the coming of the flood and the destruction of Sodom?

65. To what end did Jesus tell the parable of the unjust judge?

66. Why was the prayer of the publican acceptable, rather than that of the Pharisee? What is Jesus’ invitation to the children?

67. What did the rich young ruler lack? What did Jesus teach about riches and salvation?

68. What did Jesus announce to the Twelve as they started to Jerusalem? What miracle of healing did He perform as they neared Jericho?

69. Who received Jesus in Jericho?

70. How does the parable of the pounds differ from that of the talents?

71. How was Jesus received on His arrival at Jerusalem?

72. On what two occasions did Jesus cleanse the Temple?

73. How did Jesus answer the demand of the Pharisees regarding His authority?

74. Whom do the husbandmen in the parable of the vineyard represent?

75. How did Jesus deal with the question of the Roman tax?

76. How did Jesus silence the Sadducees?

77. With what counter-question did Jesus answer the scribes? What did Jesus say of the widow who contributed two mites to the Temple treasury?

78. What assurance of continued aid did Jesus give His disciples?

79. What did Jesus prophesy concerning Jerusalem?

80. What special warning did He give the disciples?

81. How was preparation made for the Last Supper?

82. What startling announcement did Jesus make at the supper?

83. What boast did Peter make and what rebuke did he receive?

84. What prophecy concerning Himself did Jesus cite at this time? What caused the sufferings of Jesus in Gethsemane?

85. How was Jesus betrayed?

86. What led Peter to repent of his denial?

87. Where was Jesus first tried?

88. What charges against Jesus did the Jews prefer before Pilate?

89. Whom did the people choose to liberate instead of Jesus?

90. Why was the death of Jesus inflicted by crucifixion?

91. What difference was manifested in the conduct of the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus?

92. Who obtained permission from Pilate to bury the body of Jesus?

93. Who first learned of the Resurrection?

94. What conversation did Jesus have with two disciples on the way to Emmaus?

95. How was He revealed to them?

96. How did Jesus reassure the disciples who doubted the reality of His resurrection?

97. What were the final promises and commands of Jesus? How was He parted from the disciples?

Through the Bible Day by Day by F.B. Meyer

Text Courtesy of Used by Permission.

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