2 Corinthians 7
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Paul’s Joy in the Corinthians

1Seynge now that we haue soch promyses (dearly beloued) let vs clense oureselues from all fylthynes of the flesh and sprete, and growe vp to full holynes in ye feare of God.

2Vnderstode vs right. We haue hurte no ma, we haue corrupte no man, we haue defrauded no man. 3I speake not this to codemne you, for I haue shewed you before, that ye are in oure hertes, to dye and to lyue wt you. 4I am very bolde towarde you, I make moch boost of you, I am fylled with comforte, I am exceadynge ioyous in all oure tribulacion.

5For whan we were come into Macedonia, oure flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on euery syde: outwarde was fightinge, inwarde was feare. 6Neuertheles God that comforteth the abiecte, comforted vs by the comynge of Titus. 7Not onely by his commynge, but also by the cosolacion wherwith he was coforted of you, whan he tolde vs yor desyre, youre wepynge, yor feruet mynde for me, so yt I now reioyse ye more. 8For where as I made you sory by the letter, it repenteth me not, though I dyd repete. For I se, that the same epistle made you sory (though it were but for a ceason). 9But now I reioyce, not that ye were sory, but that ye were sory to repentaunce. For ye sorowed godly, so that in nothinge ye were hurte by vs. 10For godly sorowe causeth repentaunce vnto saluacion, not to be repented of: but worldly sorowe causeth death. 11Beholde, where as ye haue had godly sorowe, what diligence hath it wrought in you? Yee a sufficiet answere, displeasure, feare, desyre, a feruet mynde, punyshment. For in all poyntes ye haue shewed youre selues, that ye are cleare in that matter. 12Wherfore though I wrote vnto you, yet is it not done for his cause that dyd hurte, nether for his cause that was hurte, but that youre diligence (which ye haue for vs in the sighte of God) mighte be manifest wt you. 13Therfore are we comforted, because ye are comforted: but exceadingly the more ioyed we, for the ioye of Titus, because his sprete was refresshed of you all. 14I am therfore not now ashamed, though I boasted my selfe vnto him of you: but like as all is true that I haue spoke vnto you, euen so is oure boastinge vnto Titus founde true also. 15And his inwarde affeccion is more abundaunt towarde you, whan he remembreth the obedience of you all, how ye receaued him with feare and treblynge. 16I reioyse, that I maye be bolde ouer you in all thinges.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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