2 Peter 3
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The Coming Judgment
(Genesis 7:1–24; Jude 1:17–23)

1This is the seconde Epistle that I now wryte vnto you (ye dearly beloued) wherin I stere vp and warne youre pure mynde, that ye maye remembre 2the wordes, which were tolde before of the holy prophetes: and also the commaundement of vs, that be the Apostles of the LORDE and Sauioure.

3This first vnderstonde, that in the last dayes there shal come mockers, which wyll walke after their awne lustes, 4& saye: Where is the promes of his commynge? For sence the fathers fell on slepe, euery thinge contynueth as it was from the begynnynge of ye creature. 5This they knowe not (and that wylfully) how that the heauens were afore tyme also, and the earth out of the water, & was in the water by the worde of God, 6yet was the worlde at that tyme destroyed by the same with the floude. 7But the heauens which are yet, and ye earth, are kepte in stoare by his worde, to be reserued vnto fyre agaynst the daye of iudgment and damnacion of vngodly men.

The Day of the Lord
(Zephaniah 1:7–18; Malachi 4:1–6; 1 Thessalonians 5:1–11)

8Dearly beloued, be not ignoraunt of this one thinge, how that one daye is with the LORDE as a thousande yeare: and a thousande yeare as one daye. 9The LORDE is not slacke to fulfyll his promes (as some me counte slacknesse) but is paciet to vs warde, and wyl not that eny ma shulde be lost, but that euery man shulde amende himselfe.

10Neuertheles the daye of the LORDE shal come euen as a thefe in the night: in the which (daye) the heauens shal perishe with a greate noyse, and the Elementes shal melte with heate, and the earth and ye workes that are therin, shal burne.

11Yf all these thinges shal perishe, what maner persons then ought ye to be in holy couersacion and godlynes, 12lokynge for and hastynge vnto the commynge of the LORDE? In the which the heauens shal perishe with fyre, and the elementes shal melt with heate. 13Neuertheles we loke for a new heauen and a new earth (acordynge to his promes) wherin dwelleth righteousnes.

Final Exhortations

14Wherfore dearly beloued, seynge that ye loke for soch thinges, be diligent, yt ye maye be founde before him in peace without spot and vndefyled: 15and counte the longsufferynge of oure LORDE youre saluacion, Euen as oure dearly beloued brother Paul (acordinge to the wyssdome geue vnto him) wrote vnto you: 16yee speakinge therof allmost in all Epistles, wherin are many thinges harde to be vnderstonde, which they that are vnlerned and vnstable, peruerte, as they do the other scriptures also, to their awne danacion. 17Ye therfore beloued, seynge ye knowe it before hande, bewarre, lest ye also be plucte awaye thorow the erroure of ye wicked, and fall from yor owne stedfastnes. 18But growe in grace, and in the knowlege of oure LORDE and Sauioure Iesus Christ. To him be prayse now and for euer, Amen.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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