Habakkuk 3
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Habakkuk’s Prayer

1A prayer of the prophet Abacuc for the ignoraunt.

2O Lorde, when I herde speake of ye, I was afrayed. The worke yt thou hast taken in honde, shalt thou perfourme in his tyme, O LORDE: and when thy tyme commeth, thou shalt declare it. In thy very wrath thou thinkest vpon mercy.

3God commeth from Theman, and the holy one from the mount of Pharan. Sela.

4His glory couereth the heauens, and the earth is full of his prayse. His shyne is as ye sonne, & beames of light go out of his hondes, there is his power hid.

5Destruccio goeth before him, and burnynge cressettes go from his fete.

6He stondeth, & measureth the earth: He loketh, & the people consume awaye, the moutaynes of ye worlde fall downe to powlder, and the hilles are fayne to bowe them selues, for his goinges are euerlastinge and sure.

7I sawe, that the pauilions of the Morians and the tentes of the londe of Madian were vexed for weerynesse.

8Wast thou not angrie (o LORDE) in the waters? was not thy wrath in the floudes, and thy displeasure in the see? yes, whe thou sattest vpon thine horse, and when thy charettes had the victory.

9Thou shewdest thy bowe opely, like as thou haddest promised with an ooth vnto the trybes. Sela. Thou didest deuyde the waters of the earth.

10When the mountaynes saw the, they were afrayed, ye water streame wete awaye: the depe made a noyse at the liftinge vp of thine honde.

11The Sonne and Mone remayned still in their habitacion. Thine arowes wente out glisteringe, and thy speares as the shyne of the lightenynge.

12Thou trodest downe the londe in thine anger, and didest throsshe the Heithen in thy displeasure.

13Thou camest forth to helpe thy people, to helpe thine anoynted. Thou smotest downe the heade in the house of the vngodly, & discoueredest his foundacions, eue vnto ye necke of him. Sela.

14Thou cursest his septers, the captayne of his men of warre: which come as a stormy wynde to scatre me abrode, & are glad when they maye eat vp ye poore secretly.

15Thou makest a waye for thine horses in the see, euen in the mudde of greate waters.

16Whe I heare this, my body is vexed, my lippes tremble at ye voyce therof, my bones corruppe, I am afrayed where I stonde. O that I might rest in the daye of trouble, that I might go vp vnto oure people, which are alredy prepared.

Habakkuk Rejoices

17For the fyge trees shal not be grene, & the vynes shal beare no frute. The laboure of ye olyue shalbe but lost, and the londe shall bringe no corne: the shepe shalbe taken out of ye folde, and there shalbe no catell in ye stalles.

18But as for me, I wil be glad in the LORDE, and will reioyce in God my Sauioure.

19The LORDE God is my strength, he shall make my fete as the fete of hertes: & he which geueth ye victory, shal bringe me to my hye places, synginge vpon my psalmes.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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