Nahum 1
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The Burden against Nineveh
(Jonah 1:1–3)

1This is the heuy burthen of Niniue, which Naum of Elchos dyd wryte, as he sawe it.

2The LORDE is a gelous God, and a taker of vengeaunce: yee a taker of vegeaunce is ye LORDE, and wrothfull. The LORDE taketh vengeaunce of his enemies, and reserueth displeasure for his aduersaries.

3The LORDE suffreth longe, he is of greate power, & so innocent, that he leaueth no man fautlesse before him. The LORDE goeth forth in tempest and stormy wether, the cloudes are the dust of his fete.

4Whe he reproueth the see, he dryeth it vp, & turneth all the floudes to drye londe. Basan is desolate, Charmel and the pleasure of Libanus waisteth awaye.

5The mountaynes tremble for him, the hilles consume. At the sight of him, the earth quaketh: yee the whole worlde, and all that dwell therin.

6Who maye endure before his wrath? Or who is able to abyde his grymme displeasure? His anger taketh on like fyre, and the harde rockes burst in sunder before him.

7Ful gracious is the LORDE, and a stronge holde in tyme of trouble, he knoweth the that put their trust in him:

8when the floude renneth ouer, and destroyeth the place, and when the darcknesse foloweth still vpon his enemies.

9What do ye ymagin then agaynst the LORDE on this maner? (Tush, when he hath once made an ende, there shal come nomore trouble.)

10For like as the thornes that sticke together, and as the drye strawe, so shal the dronckardes be consumed together, euen when they be full.

11There come out of ye soch as ymagin myschefe, and geue vngracious councell agaynst the LORDE.

12Therfore thus saieth the LORDE: Let the be as wel prepared, yee and as many as they can, yet shal they be hewen downe, and passe awaye. And as for the, I wil vexe the, but not vtterly destroie the.

13And now wil I breake his rodde from thy backe, and burst thy bondes in sonder.

14But the LORDE hath geuen a commaundement cocernynge the, that there shall come nomore sede of thy name. The carued and casten ymages will I rote out of the house of thy god. Thy graue shal I prepare for the, and thou shalt be confounded.

15Beholde, vpon the mountaynes come the fete of him, that bryngeth good tydinges, & preacheth peace. O Iuda, kepe thy holy dayes, perfourme thy promyses: for Belial shal come no more in the, he is vtterly roted out.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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