Psalm 143
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

I Stretch Out My Hands to You

1Heare my prayer (o LORDE) considre my desyre: answere me for thy treuth & rightuousnesse sake.

2And entre not in to iudgment with thy seruaunt, for in thy sight shal no man lyuynge be iustified.

3For the enemie persecuteth my soule, he smyteth my life downe to the grounde, he layeth me in the darcknesse, as the deed men of the worlde.

4Therfore is my sprete vexed within me, and my herte within me is desolate.

5Yet do I remebre the tymes past, I muse vpo all yi workes, yee I exercise my self in the workes of thy hondes.

6I stretch forth my hondes vnto the, my soule crieth vnto the out of the thyrstie londe.

7Sela. Heare me (o LORDE) and that soone, for my sprete waxeth faynte: hyde not yi face fro me, lest I be like vnto the that go downe in to the graue.

8Oh let me heare thy louynge kyndnesse by tymes in the mornynge, for in the is my trust: shewe thou me the waye that I shulde walke in, for I lift vp my soule vnto the.

9Delyuer me (o LORDE) fro myne enemies, for I resorte vnto the.

10Teach me to do the thinge that pleaseth the, for thou art my God: let thy louynge sprete lede me forth vnto the londe of rightuousnesse.

11Quycke me (o LORDE) for thy names sake, and for thy rightuousnesse sake brynge my soule out of trouble.

12And of thy goodnesse scater myne enemies abrode, and destroye all them that vexe my soule, for I am thy seruaunt.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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