Zechariah 6
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The Vision of the Four Chariots

1Morouer I turned me, liftynge vp myne eyes, & loked: & beholde, there came iiij. charettes out fro betwixte two hilles, which hilles were of brasse: 2In the first charet were reade horse, In the secode charet were blacke horse, 3In ye thirde charet were whyte horse, In ye fourth charet were horses of dyuerse colours, & stronge. 4Then spake I, and sayde vnto the angel that talked with me: O lorde, what are these? 5The angel answered, & sayde vnto me: These are the iiij. wyndes of the heauen, which be come forth to stode before the ruler of all ye earth. 6That with the blacke horse wente in to the londe of the north, & the whyte folowed the, and the sprekled horses wente forth towarde the south. 7These horses were very stronge, & wente out: and sought to go and take their iourney ouer the whole earth. And he sayde: get you hence, and go thorow the worlde. So they wete thorow out the worlde. 8Then cried he vpon me, and spake vnto me, sayenge: Beholde, these that go towarde ye north, shal still my wrath in the north countre.

The Crown and the Temple

9And the worde of the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge: 10Take of the presoners that are come from Babilon: namely, Heldai, Tobias and Idaia: & come thou the same daye, and go into the house of Iosias the sonne of Sophony.

11Then take golde and syluer, and make crownes therof, and set them vpon the heade of Iesua the sonne of Iosedec, the hie prest, 12and speake vnto him: Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: Beholde, the man whose name is the braunch: & he that shall springe vp after him, shal buylde vp the temple of the LORDE: 13yee euen he shall buylde vp the temple of the LORDE. He shal beare the prayse, he shall syt vpon the LORDES trone, and haue the dominaciou. A prest shall he be also vpon his trone, & a peaceable councell shalbe betwixte them both. 14And the crownes shal be in the temple of the LORDE, for a remembraunce vnto Helem, Tobias, Idaia and Hen the sonne of Sophony. And soch as be farre of, shal come and buylde the temple of the LORDE: 15that ye maye knowe, how that the LORDE of hoostes hath sent me vnto you. And this shal come to passe, yf ye wil herken diligently vnto the voyce of the LORDE youre God.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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