Psalm 143
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I Stretch Out My Hands to You

1A Psalm of David, when his son Absalom was pursuing him. O Lord, hear my prayer. Incline your ear to my supplication in your truth. Heed me according to your justice.

2And do not enter into judgment with your servant. For all the living will not be justified in your sight.

3For the enemy has pursued my soul. He has lowered my life to the earth. He has stationed me in darkness, like the dead of ages past.

4And my spirit has been in anguish over me. My heart within me has been disturbed.

5I have called to mind the days of antiquity. I have been meditating on all your works. I have meditated on the workings of your hands.

6I have extended my hands to you. My soul is like a land without water before you.

7O Lord, heed me quickly. My spirit has grown faint. Do not turn your face away from me, lest I become like those who descend into the pit.

8Make me hear your mercy in the morning. For I have hoped in you. Make known to me the way that I should walk. For I have lifted up my soul to you.

9O Lord, rescue me from my enemies. I have fled to you.

10Teach me to do your will. For you are my God. Your good Spirit will lead me into the righteous land.

11For the sake of your name, O Lord, you will revive me in your fairness. You will lead my soul out of tribulation.

12And you will scatter my enemies in your mercy. And you will destroy all those who afflict my soul. For I am your servant.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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