Galatians 6
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Carry One Another’s Burdens

1Brethren, if a man be suddenly taken in any offence, ye which are spirituall, restore such one with the spirit of meekenes, considering thy selfe, least thou also be tempted. 2Beare ye one anothers burden, & so fulfill the Lawe of Christ. 3For if any man seeme to himselfe, that he is somewhat, when he is nothing, hee deceiueth himselfe in his imagination. 4But let euery man prooue his owne worke: and then shal he haue reioycing in himselfe onely and not in another. 5For euery man shall beare his owne burden.

6Let him that is taught in the worde, make him that hath taught him, partaker of all his goods. 7Be not deceiued: God is not mocked: for whatsoeuer a man soweth, that shall hee also reape. 8For hee that soweth to his flesh, shall of the flesh reape corruption: but hee that soweth to the spirit, shal of the spirit reape life euerlasting. 9Let vs not therefore be weary of well doing: for in due season we shall reape, if we faint not. 10While we haue therefore time, let vs doe good vnto all men, but specially vnto them, which are of the housholde of faith.

Final Warnings and Blessings

11Ye see how large a letter I haue written vnto you with mine owne hand. 12As many as desire to make a faire shewe in the flesh, they constraine you to be circumcised, onely because they would not suffer persecution for the crosse of Christ. 13For they themselues which are circumcised keepe not the law, but desire to haue you circumcised, that they might reioyce in your flesh. 14But God forbid that I should reioyce, but in ye crosse of our Lord Iesus Christ, whereby the world is crucified vnto me, & I vnto ye world. 15For in Christ Iesus neither circumcision auaileth any thing, nor vncircumcision, but a newe creature.

16And as many as walke according to this rule, peace shalbe vpon them, and mercie, and vpon the Israel of God.

17From henceforth let no man put me to busines: for I beare in my body the markes of the Lord Iesus.

18Brethren, the grace of our Lorde Iesus Christ be with your spirit, Amen. Vnto the Galatians written from Rome.

Geneva Bible of 1587

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