Exodus 27
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1[The LORD continued,] "Make an altar out of acacia wood. It should be 71/2 feet square, and 41/2 feet high. 2Make a horn at each of its four corners. The four horns and the altar must be made out of one piece [of wood] covered with bronze. 3"Make all the utensils for it out of bronze: pots for taking away the altar's ashes, also shovels, bowls, forks, and incense burners. 4"Make a grate for it out of bronze mesh, and make a bronze ring for [each of] the four corners of the grate. 5Put the grate under the ledge of the altar so that it comes halfway up the altar. 6"Make poles out of acacia wood for the altar, and cover them with bronze. 7The poles should be put through the rings on both sides of the altar to carry it. 8"Make the altar out of boards so that it's hollow inside. It must be made just as you were shown on the mountain.

9"Make a courtyard for the tent. The south side of the courtyard should be 150 feet long and have curtains made out of fine linen yarn, 10[hung] on 20 posts [set in] 20 bronze bases. The hooks and bands on the posts should be made of silver. 11The north side should be the same: 150 feet long, with curtains on 20 posts set in 20 bronze bases. The hooks and bands on the posts should be made of silver. 12"The courtyard on the west end should be 75 feet wide and have curtains [hung] on ten posts [set in] ten bases. 13On the east end, facing the rising sun, the courtyard should also be 75 feet wide. 14Each side [of the entrance] will be 221/2 feet wide with curtains [hung on] three posts [set in] three bases. 15 16"The entrance to the courtyard must have a 30-foot screen made from fine linen yarn, embroidered with violet, purple, and bright red yarn, [hung] on four posts [set in] four bases. 17All the posts around the courtyard should have silver bands, silver hooks, and bronze bases. 18The courtyard should be 150 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 71/2 feet high, with [curtains] made of fine linen yarn and with bronze bases. 19"All the things for the tent, no matter how they're used, including all the pegs for the tent and the courtyard, must be made of bronze.

20"For the lighting, you must command the Israelites to bring you pure, virgin olive oil so that the lamps won't go out. 21In the tent of meeting outside the canopy where the words of my promise are, Aaron and his descendants must keep the lamps lit in the LORD's presence from evening until morning. This is a permanent law among the Israelites for generations to come."

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