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mib·bā·šān — 2 Occurrences

1 Chronicles 5:23
HEB: יָשְׁב֖וּ בָּאָ֑רֶץ מִבָּשָׁ֞ן עַד־ בַּ֧עַל
NAS: in the land; from Bashan to Baal-hermon
KJV: they increased from Bashan unto Baalhermon
INT: lived the land Bashan against to Baal-hermon

Psalm 68:22
HEB: אָמַ֣ר אֲ֭דֹנָי מִבָּשָׁ֣ן אָשִׁ֑יב אָ֝שִׁ֗יב
NAS: [them] back from Bashan. I will bring [them] back
KJV: I will bring again from Bashan, I will bring [my people] again
INT: said the Lord Bashan will bring back

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