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yiṣ·pō·nū — 2 Occurrences

Psalm 10:8
HEB: עֵ֝ינָ֗יו לְֽחֵלְכָ֥ה יִצְפֹּֽנוּ׃
NAS: His eyes stealthily watch for the unfortunate.
KJV: his eyes are privily set against the poor.
INT: his eyes the unfortunate stealthily

Psalm 56:6
HEB: [יַצְפִּינוּ כ] (יִצְפֹּ֗ונוּ ק) הֵ֭מָּה
NAS: They attack, they lurk, They watch
KJV: They gather themselves together, they hide themselves, they mark
INT: attack reserve like my steps

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