1 Chronicles 1
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1Adam, Shayth, Enosh. 2Qainan, Mehalaleil, Yared. 3Henok, Mathuselah, Lamek. 4Noah, Shaym, Kham and Yaphet.

5The sons of Yaphet: Gamar and Magug and Maday and Yavan and Tubeil and Mashak and Tiras. 6The sons of Gamar: Ashknez and Diphar and Tugarma. 7And the sons of Yavan: Elisha and Tarshish and Katheem and Dudaneem.

8And the sons of Kham: Cush and Metsraim and Phut and Canaan. 9And the sons of Cush: Shebah and Khavila and Sabta and Rama and Sebaktha and the sons of Rama: Shebah and Daran. 10And Cush begot Nemruud; he began to be a mighty man in the earth.

11And Metsrim begot Ludeem and Yabeem, Lahbeem and Yaphtukheem. 12And Pathruseem and Kaslukheem of whom had gone out from there the Philistines and Qapduqians.

13And Canaan begot Tsidon his firstborn and the Khethites. 14And the Yebusites and the Amorites and the Gergusites. 15And the Kharites and the Arqites and the Sinites. 16And the Arudites and the Tsamrites and the Khamathites.

17The sons of Shaym: Ilam and Ashud and Arphakshar and Lud and Aram and Uz and Khul and Gathar and Mash. 18And Arphakshar begot Shalakh and Shalakh begot Abar. 19And to Abar were born two sons his name of one Palag because in his days was divided the Earth and the name of his brother Yaqtan. 20And Yaqtan begot Elmudad and Shalaph and Khetsarmuth and Yarakh. 21And Haduram and Uzel and Deqla. 22And Ubal and Abimel and Shaba. 23And Auphir and Akhwila and Yubab. All these are the sons of Yaqtan:

24Shaym, Arphekshar, Shalakh. 25Eber, Palag, Aru. 26Serug, Nakhor, Tarakh. 27Abram who is Abraham.

28And these are sons of Abraham: Iskhaaq and Ishmaeyl. 29And these are their generations: the firstborn of Ishmael: Nebiuth, also Qadar and Arbal and Mabsem. 30And Mashmah and Ruma, Massa and Hadad, Taymna. 31And Natur and Naphesh and Aqdama; these are the sons of Ishmaeyl. 32And the sons of Qetura, the concubine of Abraham: Zamran and Yaqshan and Maran and Medyan Ashbaq and Ashwakh and the sons of Yaqshan: Shebah and Daran. 33And the sons of Medyan: Epha and Aphar and ENoah and Abida and Elda; these all are sons of Qetura.

34And Abraham begot Isaaq; the sons of Isaaq: Esau and Israel. 35The sons of Esau: Eliphaz and Ruyel and Yaush and Ilaam and Qurakh. 36And the sons of Eliphaz: Tayman and Umar and Tsuph and Gatham and Qanez and Tamna and Ameliq. 37The sons of Ruil: Nakhath and Zarakh and Shama and Maza. 38And the sons of Seir: Lutan and Shubal and Tsebun and Ana and Dooshan and Atsar and Dayshan. 39And the sons of Lutan: Khurar and Humam and the sister of Lutan, Tamna. 40And the sons of Shubal: Anwan and Mankhath and Ubal and Shaphar and Uyam and the sons of Tsabown: Ana and Anah. 41And the sons of Anah: Dishun and the sons of Dishun: Khamran and Ashkan and Yathran and Karan. 42The sons of Atsar: Kalhan and Zamun and Yaqan and the sons of Dishun: Uz and Aram.

43And these are the Kings that reigned in the land of Edom, before a king would reign over the children of Israel: Bala, son of Beor, was made king in Edom, and the name of his city, Daihab. 44And Bala died, and after him Yubab, son of Zarakh, from Butsar, became king. 45And Yubab died, and Khusham from the land of the south became king after him. 46And Khusham died, and Hadad, son of Badad, became king after him, who put the Midianites to the sword in the fields of the Moabites, and the name of his city, Gweeth. 47And Hadad died, and after him Samla from Masreqa became king. 48And Samla died, and after him Shaul from the River Rekhbuth became king. 49And Shaul died, and Belkhnanen, son of Abkur, became king after him. 50And Belkhnanen son of Abkur died, and after him Hadad became king, and the name of his city, Pau, and the name of his wife, Mahtwael, daughter of Matreed, son of Mizaheb; and Hadad died. 51And there were Princes of Edom: Prince Tamna, Prince Ithith. 52Prince Ahlibama, Prince Ilah, Prince Pinun. 53Prince Qanez, Prince Tayman, Prince Mabtsar. 54Prince Magdiyel, Prince Giram; these were the Princes of Edom.

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