1 Chronicles 12
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1These are all the mighty men of David who were standing with him in battle, and these entered Tsenqlag the city with David, when he fled from before Shaul, son of Qish, and all the men of David were standing in might, and if he chose, they would have killed Shaul, son of Qish, because they were mighty men and they were men warriors, and David chose not to allow them to kill Shaul. 2Because they had held bows with their left hands and swords in their right hands, and their bows were filled with arrows, and David chose not to kill Shaul, for he was Chief Prince of the tribe of the house of Benjamin. 3And these are the names of the men of David who were with him: Akhiazar and Yuash his son, and Yoel who is from Maksa, Shemaiah who is from Gebath, Pelet, and Berakya, sons of Arbuth, Yahu who is from Nathoth 4Shemaiah who is from Gebun, he was authorized over thirty and made war like all of them, Eramyah, Nakhzayel, Zabur, Azar 5Gadi, Yarmuth, Balyah, Azri, Shamarya, Shephatiah, Khabar 6Elqana, Yashwa, Azrayel, Shebna, Asaph 7Yuakh, Zechariah, the sons of Yarkhum who is from Gadar.

8And men, mighty men of power and strong in stature, and valiant men from the tribe of the house of Gad, were gathered to David to go out with him for battle to Matsruth that is in the wilderness, wielders of swords and shields; their appearances were as the appearance of lions and whenever they fought on the Mountain of Herbs for him. 9Azra the Chief of the Mighty Men, Oubadya the second, Eliab the third 10Ashur the fourth, Eramyah the fifth 11Athar the sixth, Eliel the seventh 12Yokhanan the eighth, Elizabar the ninth 13Eramyah the tenth, Shephatiah the eleventh. 14These are from the sons of Gad, Chiefs of the army that were authorized, one over a hundred, and others were authorized each over one thousand. 15These were those who crossed over the Jordan in the month of Nisan when it filled up to its banks, and they had put to flight all the army that was encamping in the plain to the East, and to the West, and these are the numbers of the Commanders of the army who came and assembled to David at Khebron to give him the kingdom of Shaul, so that the word of Samuel the Prophet would be fulfilled which he spoke from the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH.

16And some sons of Benjamin and some sons of Yehuda came until they arrived at the encampment with David. 17And David went out to meet them and he blessed them and said to them: “If it is for peace you have come and to help us, LORD JEHOVAH will give to you each double for the thing that is in your heart, and if it is to hinder me you have come, or to betray me to those hating me, because I have not sinned against you, neither is there a bad thing in my hands, for the God of my fathers knows, and he will rebuke him among us who does wrong against his fellow man.

18And the Spirit of Power clothed himself with Amasa, son of Yathar, Chief of thirty, and he answered and said to David: “Come David, come you son of Iyshay, I am also with you! Peace to you! Do not fear, and peace is given to you from before your helper, because your God is helping you every hour!” And David received them and David appointed them Commanders of the army.

19And from the tribe of the house Manassheh they went with David when he was going to make war with the Philistines, and they were not willing to go to battle with Shaul to help Shaul, because they hated him. Because of a plot they went, and they counseled with the Princes of the Philistines and they were saying to them: “We shall go first and we shall fall on Shaul our Lord when he goes to Tsnaqlag, and we will encamp against him and we shall capture him alive!” 20And these are their names: Ada, Zabur, Yadil, Mankiel, Elihu and Yuzabar, Chief of the thousands of the house of Manassheh. 21And those were going and they helped David when he was going against a band of robbers, because all of them were mighty men in their great might and were authorized there over all the army, and they were doing with it just as they desired. 22And all day in the daytime they were entering before David to eat bread before him, because he loved them greatly.

24The sons of Yehuda, the bearers of shields and those wielding spears, six thousand and eight hundred mighty men of the army. 25And from the sons of Shemon, mighty men of the army for battle, eight thousand and seven hundred. 26And from the sons of Levi, four thousand and six hundred. 27Yawida the Prince was of the tribe of Aaron, and those with him, three thousand and seven hundred. 28And Tsaduq, a young man, a mighty man of the army, and the household of his father and his Prince brothers, twenty and two. 29And from the sons of Benyamin, the brothers of Shaul, a thousand three, and until the day when Shaul was killed, those were the Guards of the garrison of the house of Shaul. 30And from the sons of Aphreim, twenty thousand and eight hundred men, mighty men of the army, men of fame to their families, to the household of their fathers. 31And from the half tribe of Menashe, eighteen thousand men, for they were called by names, and those came first to appoint David in the Kingdom 32And from the sons of Issakar, knowing wisdom in their times and workers of beautiful works and upright before LORD JEHOVAH, their two hundred Chiefs, and all their brothers, whatever they were saying to them is what they were doing. 33And from the tribe of the house of Zabalaun men went out, mighty men of the army, workers of war with all their heart, and with the weapons of their armor, fifty thousand to wage war with those who were divided against the kingdom of David. 34And from the sons of Naphtali, one thousand Princes, and there were men with them holding shields and spears, thirtyseven thousand. 35And some of those men of the house of Dan went out, workers of war, twenty and eight thousand and six hundred. 36And some men of the house of Ashir went out, mighty men of the army to wage war, forty thousand. 37And from the other side of Jordan, from the tribe of the house of Rubil, and from Gad, and from half of the tribe of Menashe, as they were armed with their weapons of war, a hundred and twenty thousand.

38All these men went down for battle, mighty men of the army with a true heart, and they came to Khebron to confirm David in the kingdom over all Israel, also all the Princes of Israel came with a true heart to establish David King over Israel. 39And they were there with David three days, eating and drinking, because their brethren had given them their provisions. 40And these are the names of the tribes that were bringing to them who were near to them: the tribe of the house of Issakar, and of the house of Zabalaun, and of the house of Naphtali; they were bringing bread with wine, and on camels, and on mules, and flour, and dried figs, and baskets of grapes, and wine, and oil, and sheep, and bulls, a great abundance, for Israel had great joy.

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