1 Chronicles 11
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1And all the children of Israel assembled to David at Khebron, and they were saying to him: “We are your blood and your flesh! 2Also yesterday and the day before yesterday when Shaul was King over us, you had been going out and coming in at the head of Israel, and LORD JEHOVAH said to you, ‘You go shepherd my people Israel, and you will be Leader over all the tribes of Israel.’” 3And all the tribes of Israel came to the King at Khebrun, and King David swore an oath to them in Khebruun before LORD JEHOVAH, and they appointed David to be King over Israel, and the words of Samuel the Prophet that he had spoken in the name of LORD JEHOVAH were confirmed.

4And David and all the children of Israel went on to Jerusalem, which was called Yabus from the first, and the Yabusites were the inhabitants of the land. 5And the men, the dwellers of Yabus, were saying to David: “You shall not enter here!” And David gathered all the people, and he conquered those cities of Zion; these are called the cities of David. 6Then David said: “Anyone who will first kill a Yebusite man, he will be Chief and General of the army!” And Yuab, son of Tsuria, came up first, and King David presented him as Chief and General of the army. 7And David dwelt in the towns of Zion, because of this, they were calling them the towns of David. 8And David built around it the city of freedom which is outside, and David gave the right side to the rest of the children of men who were in the villages. 9And David was going on, and he became rich, and LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts was with him.

10And these are the Chiefs of the men of David who were mighty. They were with him in his kingdom to establish him King over all Israel, according to the word of LORD JEHOVAH which he spoke about Israel. 11And these are the numbers of the men of David: he who sat in the first seat was Chief of thirty, Gedkhu was a mighty man; he drew his spear and he killed three hundred men in one hour.

12After him was Eliazar, son of his paternal uncle from the city Dakhukh; he was over three hundred men. 13When he was with David in Pasidemaya and the Philistines were making war there, and there was one field that was sown with barley, and the people were scattered from before the Philistines. 14And they stood within the field and they delivered it, and attacked the Philistines with the sword, and LORD JEHOVAH performed a great victory.

15And three of the men went down to David to the cave of Arlam, and the camp of the Philistines were camping in the Valley of the Giants. 16And David was dwelling in a tent, and the men of the Philistines in Bayth Lekhem. 17And David lusted and said: “Who gives me water that I may drank from the great well of Bayth Lekhem that is at the gate of the city?” 18And at that moment the three men heard, and they tore through and they entered into the camp of the Philistines, and they went and filled up waters from the great well that is in Bayth Lekhem, in the gate of the city, and they took and they brought and they gave to David, and he chose not to drink them and he poured them out before LORD JEHOVAH. 19And he said: “God forbid me from LORD JEHOVAH that I would do this before my God! These men went out, they went by the blood of their throats!” And he was not willing to drink them. These things the three men did.

20And Abishi the brother of Yoab was Chief of thirty, and he drew a lance against three hundred killed, and he had honor over the thirty. 21And he was more honored than the thirty, and he was Chief over them, and was doing battle like thirty men.

22Benaiah, son of Yawida, was a mighty man of power whose deeds were beautiful, from the fortress cities of Qabtsayel. He slew two mighty men of Moab, and he went down and he killed a lion within a forest on a day of snow. 23And he killed a man, a mighty Egyptian man, whose height was five cubits, and in the hand of the Egyptian there was a lance whose point was thick as the beam of a weaver, and he went down upon him with a rod, and he took the spear from the hand of the Egyptian, and he killed him with the spear. 24Benaiah son of Yawida did all these things, and he had a name greater than the three men 25For he was honored more than the three, and he was doing battle like the three, and David appointed him that he would be the Keeper over his spear and over the mighty men of the army.

26Shayel, the brother of Yuab, Elkhanan, son of his paternal uncle from Bayth Lekhem 27Shemuth from the Mount of the King, Khalats who is from Paltaun 28Ira, son of Eqis, who is from Teqoa, Abiazar, who is from Nathoth. 29Sabi who is from Kheshubath, Ali who is from Khukh. 30Mahri, who is from Netuphath, Khalad, son of Baana, who is from Netuphath. 31Athi, son of Rabai, who is from Gebatha of the sons of Benjamin, Benaiah, son of Prathun. 32Khadi who is from Nekhelgish, Abiel, son of Erabthun. 33Uzban who is from Markham, Elipha who is from Shalbam. 34The sons of Shaym who is from Azun, Jonathan son of Shaga who is from Mount Karmela. 35Akhiram, son of Sakam, who is from the Mount of Baytha, Eliphun, son of Ur who is from Begarthun. 36Khaphar, who is from Mekarthim, Akhiah who is from Khatsar. 37Khetsri, who is from Karmela, Laazar, who is from Ubai. 38Yuel, the brother of Yonathan, Mekkhad from Gad. 39Tsalaq, an Ammonite, Makhzi, the Berathite, the Armor Bearer of the weapons of Yoab, son of Tsuria. 40Ira, who is from Yathir, Arab who is from Yather. 41Uriah the Khithite, Edinu, son of Shara. 42Edinu, son of Shara, from the tribe of the house of Rubil, he is Chief of the tribe of the house of Rubil, and he was authorized over thirty men. 43Khanan, son of Maaka, Azi, who is from Nathoth. 44Yushaphat who is from Astruth, Shamma and Amayel, sons of Khutham who is from Aruth. 45Yadayel, son of Shamri, and Yukha his brother. 46Emuzuth and Anayel, Mukham, Mutsiel, Ribay and Ashua his son, Akhmayel and Yathma, Moabites. 47Eliel and Yathma and Ubir, Lasayel and Ashkir.

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