1 Chronicles 15
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1And he was building citadels for himself in the cities of David and was building a place for the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH and the implements of the Tabernacle. 2Then David was telling the Levites to pick up the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH and the articles of the Tabernacle, because LORD JEHOVAH chose the Levites to serve and to carry the ark of LORD JEHOVAH and for his service for eternity. 3And David gathered all Israel to Jerusalem to bring up the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH to the place that he had built for it. 4And David gathered the sons of Aaron and the Levites. 5And he said to them and to the sons of Qahath, to Uriel The Elder and to his brothers, a hundred and twenty. 6And to the sons of Marari, Shayel The Elder and his brothers, two hundred and twenty. 7To the sons of Gershun, Yuyel the Elder and his brothers, a hundred and thirty. 8To the sons of Elitsaphan, Shemaiah the Elder and his brothers, a hundred and thirty. 9To the sons of Khebroun, Eliab the Elder and his brothers, eighty. 10To the sons of Uziel, Aminadab the Elder and his brothers, a hundred and twelve.

11And David called Tsadoq the Priest, and Abiathar, and the Levites, and Uriel, and Amsa, and Yuyel, and Ashia, and Shemaiah, and Uriel and Aminadab. 12And he said to them: “You are the Heads of the fathers of Levi. Be hallowed, you and your brothers, so that you will bring up the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, to the place of the building that existed for it from the first 13Lest LORD JEHOVAH our God would break through upon us, because we did not inquire of him about the decision.” 14And the Priests and the Levites were hallowed to bring up the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH, the God of Israel.

15And the Levites carried the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH, just as Moshe had commanded by the word of LORD JEHOVAH, and they carried it on their shoulders.

16And David told the Elders of Levi to appoint their brothers, those who minister and sing with instruments of songs, with tambourines, and with harps, and with cymbals, that they would be heard lifting up their voices with joy. 17And the Levites appointed Haman, son of Yuel, and of his brothers, Asaph, Brachyah and of the sons of Merari, their brothers, Athan, son of Qashyahu. 18And with them their second brothers: Zechariah, son of Nayel, and Yukhyayel, and Eliab, and Benaya, and Asa, and Matitha, and Eliphalhu, and Meqyahu, and UbarAdom and Yuayel. 19These all who were standing at the gates and singing: Haman, and Asaph and Ethan. 20These all sang with hymns of praise, to minister with instruments of brass: Azarayah, Azyayel, and Yukhiyel, and Yani, and Eliab, and Masyah and Benaiah. 21And those who sang with hymns of praise: Matitha, and Meqyahu, and, UbarAdom, and Uziel, and Uzyayel; these were ministering on the harp every day in the daytime at the third hour, and at the sixth and at the ninth. 22And Benaiah, Commander of the Levites, was carried every day in a hut, because the place was fashioned for him. 23And Berakya and Halqana were providing for the Ark whatever was needed for it. 24And Shebna, and Yushaphat, and Nathaniel, and Amshi, and Zechariah, and Benaiah and Eliazar, these are the Priests who were sounding on the horns before the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH, and UbarAdom and Akhia were looking after the Ark.

25And it was David and the Elders of Israel and Princes of thousands who were going to bring up the Ark of The Covenant of LORD JEHOVAH from the house of UbarAdum to the city of David with great joy. 26And it was that when LORD JEHOVAH helped the Levites who bear the Ark that had the Covenant of LORD JEHOVAH in it, they sacrificed seven oxen and seven rams. 27And David was clothed with a robe of fine white linen, and all the Levites who bore the Ark were wearing also robes of fine white linen, and on top of David’s robe of fine white linen, he was clothed with an ephod of fine white linen. 28And David and all the house of Israel were going up to the Ark that has the Covenant of LORD JEHOVAH in it, with hymns of praise and with the sounding of straight and curved trumpets, and raising their sound unto Heaven.

29And it was that when the ark that has in it the Covenant of LORD JEHOVAH had arrived and entered and arrived in its place at the city of David, Malkal, daughter of Shaul, looked out from a window, and she saw King David who was performing, and she despised him in her heart.

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