1 Samuel 29
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1And the Philistines gathered all their camps to Aphaq, and Israel was camping at the spring that was in Yizrael 2And the Tyrants of the Philistines passed by the hundreds and by the thousands, and David and his men passed afterwards with Akish 3And the Princes of the Philistines said to Akish: “Why are these passing through?” And Akish said to the Princes of the Philistines: “This is David the Servant of Shaul, King of Israel, who has been with us now season to season and some months, and I have not found anything in him from the day that he came to me and until today.” 4And the Princes of the Philistines were angry with him and they said to him: “Take the man out and he will go to his place that you have authorized for him there, and he will not go with us to battle, and he shall not be to us a thorn in war, for by what is this man reconciled with his Master except with our heads?

5Was not this David to whom the daughters of Israel were singing with timbrels and saying, “Shaul killed thousands and David ten thousands?”

6And Akish called David and said to him: “LORD JEHOVAH is living that you are upright, and your coming in and your going out with me in war is good in my eyes, and I have not found evil in you from the day that you came to us and until today, but in the eyes of the Tyrants you are not good 7Now return, go in peace, and you will not do evil in my eyes of the Lords of the Philistines” 8And David said to Akish: “What have I done and what have you found in your Servant from the day that I have been before you and until today? But I would go and fight with the enemies of my Lord the King!” 9And Akish answered and said to David: “I know that you are good in my eyes, as an Angel of God, however the Princes of the Philistines say, ‘He shall not go with us to battle’ 10Now, arise at dawn, and the Servants of your Lord who came with you in the way, and there will be light for you, and go!” 11And David and his men arose early to go to the land of the Philistines, and the Philistines came up to Yizrael

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