1 Samuel 30
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1And when David and his men came to Tsenqlag on the third day, and the Amalekites walked to the south and to Tsenqlag and burned them in fire 2And they took the men who were in them captive, from the little one and unto the great, and they put the men to death, and they went on and they went on their way 3And David and his men came to the city, and behold, it was burning in fire, and their wives and their children and their daughters were taken captive 4And David and the people lifted their voice and wept until there was no power in them to weep 5And the two wives of David were taken captive Akhinam who was from Yizrael, and Abigal the wife of Nabal the Karmelite 6And it was very distressing to David, because the people said to stone him, because the soul of all the people had been put to death, because of their sons and because of their daughters, and David held firmly to LORD JEHOVAH his God

7And he said to Abiathar the Priest, son of Akhimelek: “Bring me the ephod”, and Abiathar brought the ephod to David 8And David asked of LORD JEHOVAH and said: “Shall I pursue after this band of robbers? Will I overtake it?” And he said to him, “Pursue, because quickly you will overtake it and deliver” 9And David went on, he and the six hundred men who were with him, and they came unto the valley of Butsar, and David left two hundred men 10And David rose up chasing, he and four hundred men, and the two hundred men arose who had stayed and they were on guard, that they would not cross the River of Butsar

11And they found an Egyptian man in a field, and they brought him to David, and they gave him bread, and he ate and drank water 12And he ate also two cheeses and his spirit returned unto him, because for three days and three nights he had not eaten bread and had not drunk water 13And David said to him: “Who are you and from where have you come?”, and the young Egyptian man said, “I am a Servant of an Amalekite man, and my Lord left me because I was sick, behold, three days 14Behold, from when we came from the south of Yehuda and from the south of Kaleb and from Tsenqlag, where we burned them in fire” 15David said to him: “Take me down to this band of robbers!” He said to him, “Swear to me by LORD JEHOVAH that you will not kill me and you will not hand me over into the hand of my Master, and I shall show you this band of robbers!”

16And David swore to him and he took him down, and behold, those camping on the surface of the ground, eating and drinking and celebrating in all the great loot that they took from the land of the Philistines and from the land of Yehuda 17And David struck them from dawn and unto evening from behind them, and none of them escaped except four hundred men who rode on camels and fled 18And David delivered all whom the Amalekites took and his two wives 19And nothing was lost to them, but David returned everything 20And David took all the sheep and bulls in proportion to that property and they said: “This is what David rescued!”

21And David came to the two hundred men who had stayed to guard the equipment that he gave them to keep in the road of Butsar, and they went out to meet David and to meet the people that were with him, and David came and the people and they invoked their peace 22And evil men answered and evil ones of the men who went with David, and they said: “Because they did not go with us, a part of the loot that we saved shall not be given to them, but they shall take each man his wife and his children!” 23And David said: “You will not do so brethren, for LORD JEHOVAH gave to us and he kept us and delivered into our hands the band of robbers that came upon us! 24Who will hear this your word, because the portion of whoever went down to battle is like the portion of him who stayed by the side of the equipment, and they divide as one!” 25And it was from that day and David established this covenant and right until today

26And David came to Tsenqlag and he sent some of the loot to the Elders of Yehuda and to their neighbors, and he said: “Here is a blessing for you from the plunder of the enemies of LORD JEHOVAH!” 27And he sent to those in Bayth Eil and to those in Bayth Ramuth the south and to those in Bayth Ai 28And to those in Bayth Aduir and to those in Sephmuth and to those in Shethmue 29And to those in Rakil and to those in the towns of Yarkhmel and to those in the towns of the Qenites 30And to those in Kherma and to those in Bireshan and to those in Tanak 31And to those in Khebrun and to all the regions where David had traveled, he and his men.

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1 Samuel 29
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