2 Chronicles 22
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1And the inhabitants of Jerusalem made Ekhazyah his son king after him, because a band of robbers put all the former ones to the sword, because the Arabians came and attacked the camp with the sword, and Ekhazyah son of Yehuram became King of Yehuda. 2Ekhazyah was a son of twenty and two years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned one year in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother was Thalyah, daughter of Amri. 3And he walked in the ways of the house of Akhab, because he was son of the sister of Akhab, also he was sinning greatly. 4And he did evil before LORD JEHOVAH, like the house of Akhab, because he had Counselors after Akhab his father was dead, until his destruction

5Because he was walking in their advice, and he went on with Yoram, son of Akhab, King of Israel, to wage war with Khezayel, King of Edom, in Ramath Gelad, and the Edomites struck Yoram. 6And he returned to be healed in Yizreil from the wound with which they struck him in Ramtha when he fought with Khezayel, King of Edom; and Ekhazyah went down to see Yoram, son of Akhab, in Yizreil, because he was sick.

7And the overthrow of Ekhazyah was from before LORD JEHOVAH at the coming to Yoram, and when he came he went out with Yoram to Yahu, son of Imshi, who was anointed from before LORD JEHOVAH, to destroy the house of Akhab.

8Then when Yahu had judged with those of the house of Akhab, he found the Princes of Yehuda and the sons of the brothers of Ekhazyah who were serving Ekhazyah, and he killed them. 9And he searched for Ekhazyah and he seized him and he was hiding in Samaria, and brought him to him, and he killed him and he buried him, because he said: ”He is a son of Yehoshaphat who prayed to LORD JEHOVAH with all his heart”, and there was none of the house of Ekhazyah to support the power of the kingdom.

10And Athaliah the mother of Ekhazyah saw that her son was dead, and she arose and she destroyed all the sons of the King of the house of Yehuda. 11And Yehoshba the daughter of the King brought Yoash, son of Ekhazyah, and she stole him from among the sons of the King, those who were murdered, and she hid him and his nurse in an inner chamber of her bedroom, and Yehoshba daughter of King Yoram the wife of Yawida the Priest hid him from before Thalyah, because she was the sister of Ekhazyah, and they did not murder him. 12And he was hidden with her in the house of LORD JEHOVAH for six years, and Athaliah reigned over the land.

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