2 Chronicles 27
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1Yutham was a son of twenty and five years when he ascended in the kingdom, and sixteen years he reigned in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother: Yerusha, daughter of Tsadoq. 2And he did what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH just like what Uzziah his father did, only that he did not enter into the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and until now the people have been corrupt. 3And he built the gate of the upper house of LORD JEHOVAH, also he built very much into the wall that was completed. 4And he built cities in the land of Yehuda, and in Kharshath he built castles and towers. 5And he had fought with the people of the sons of Amon, and he prevailed over them, and the sons of Amon in that year gave him a hundred talents of silver, and ten thousand cors of wheat, and ten thousand cors of barley. They calculated this whole gift that the children of Amon brought to him. 6And in the second year and the third Yutham was strengthened, because he ordered his ways before LORD JEHOVAH God. 7And the rest of the accounts of Yutham and all that they brought him and his ways, behold, those are written on the Scroll of the Kings of Israel and of Yehuda. 8The Peshitta omits this verse. 9And Yutham fell asleep with his parents, and he was buried in the city of David, and Akhaz his son was made king after him.

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