2 Chronicles 28
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1Akhaz was a son of twenty and five years when he ascended into the kingdom, and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem, and he did not do what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH his God like David his father. 2He walked in the ways of the Kings of Israel, also he made sacrifices to idols. 3And he offered up censers of sweet spices in the great valleys, and he brought his son into fire, according to the law of the Gentiles, whom LORD JEHOVAH destroyed from before the sons of Israel. 4And he sacrificed and offered up censers of sweet spices on the altar and upon high places and under every beautiful tree.

5And LORD JEHOVAH God handed him over into the hand of the King of Edom, and he destroyed from him a great destruction and took a captivity captive from him, and they came to Darmsuq; also he was handed over into the hands of the King of Israel, and he destroyed from him a great destruction. 6And Peqakh, son of Rumalia, killed a hundred and twenty thousand from the King of the house of Yehuda in one day, all mighty men of the army, because they had forsaken LORD JEHOVAH God of their fathers. 7And he killed Zekri, a mighty man of the house of Aphreim, and Masya son of the King, and Azarqi, Steward of the house, and Elqanna the second of the King.

8And the sons of Israel took two hundred thousand men captive of their brethren, and their sons and their daughters, also they plundered much loot from them, and they brought the loot to Samaria. 9And there was a Prophet of LORD JEHOVAH, Adu was his name, and he went out before the army that came to Samaria, and he said: “Because LORD JEHOVAH God of their fathers was angry against those of the house of Yehuda, and he delivered them into your hands, and you put them to the sword, and you did not show mercy upon them, 10Also now you contend that they will be Servants and Maids to you, and now you know that you have sinned this sin before LORD JEHOVAH your God! 11Also now hear me, and return the captivity that you have captured from your brethren, lest you will raise up the anger of LORD JEHOVAH against you!” 12And the men of the Heads of the house of Aphreim stood up: Azarayah, son of Yochana, and Berakya, son of Meqaria. 13And they were saying to them: “This captivity shall not enter here, because we will not sin again before LORD JEHOVAH our God, and you say, ‘We will add to our debts and to our sins, because they are very many.’” 14And they returned all the captivity to Jerusalem. 15And they continued to lie against LORD JEHOVAH in a breach of faith.

16In that time King Akhaz sent to the King of Assyria to come to his assistance. 17And until now the Edomites had come and attacked with the sword those of the house of Yehuda, and they took some of them as captives. 18And the Philistines came and encamped against the cities of the plain and against the southern cities of the house of Yehuda, and they seized the city Bayth Shemesh, and the city Ailun, and the city Zaruth, and Shubi and its suburbs, and Temna and its suburbs, and Geram and its suburbs. 19Because LORD JEHOVAH broke those of the house of Yehuda because of the sins of Akhaz, King of Yehuda, which he multiplied in the house of Yehuda, and he lied in a breach of faith with LORD JEHOVAH his God. 20And TeglathPalsar King of Assyria came against him, and he encamped against him and he inflicted great suffering on him. 21And King Akhaz picked up the vessels that were in the house of LORD JEHOVAH and the vessels that were in the house of the first Kings, and in the houses of the rich, and he gave them to the King of Assyria, that he would not harm him in the time of his affliction.

22And they continued to deny LORD JEHOVAH in a breach of faith, which was King Akhaz. 23And he sacrificed to the gods of Darmsuq and said to them: “You are my gods and my Lords! You I fear and to you I sacrifice!” That was a stumbling block to Yehuda, and caused his soul to sin, and caused all the people of Yehuda to sin. 24And Akhaz gathered all the vessels that were in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and cut up the vessels that were in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and he shut the inner and outer doors that were in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and he made altars for himself in all the corners that were in Jerusalem 25And in every village and town that is in the house of Yehuda, and he made altars to serve other gods.

26And the rest of the accounts of Akhaz and all his ways, first and last, behold, those are written on the Scroll of the Kings of Yehuda and of Israel. 27And Akhaz fell asleep with his fathers, and they buried him in Jerusalem, because they did not put him in the tomb of the Kings of Yehuda, and Hezekiah his son became king after him.

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