2 Chronicles 9
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1And the Queen of Sheba heard the fame of Solomon, and she came to test Solomon with riddles, and she came to Jerusalem with an army that was very great, and camels that carried incense, and gold that was very abundant and precious gems, and she came to King Solomon and she revealed to him all that was in her heart. 2And King Solomon revealed everything to her, and he declared her heart and the King covered nothing that he did not reveal to her. 3And the Queen of Sheba saw the wisdom of Solomon and the house that he had built 4And the food of his table, and the seating of his Servants, and the standing of his Ministers and their clothing, and his Cup Bearers and their clothing, and the sacrifices that he offered in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and there was no more spirit in her to see any more. 5And she said to King Solomon: “The matter that I had heard in my city about your words and about your wisdom was true 6And I was not believing until I came and I saw with my eyes, and behold, you did not show me the half of the greatness of your wisdom, and you have excelled beyond the report that I heard. 7Blessed are your Servants, these who stand before you constantly and listen to your wisdom 8And LORD JEHOVAH your God will be blessed, he The One who has chosen you and seated you on the throne of the kingdom of Israel; and because LORD JEHOVAH loves Israel he appointed you King over them for eternity to do judgment and righteousness!” 9And she gave to the King a hundred and twenty talents of gold and very many sweet spices and fine gems, and there had not been seen in the world such as those sweet spices that the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon.

10Also the Servants of Khiram and the Servants of King Solomon brought gold from Uphir. 11And they brought wood of box trees for the stools of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and for the house of King Solomon, and harps for the Singers, and there had not been seen the likes of them in the land of Yehuda.

12And King Solomon gave to the Queen of Sheba everything that she asked, apart from what he gave to her, everything that was in her heart, and she arose, she went to her city, she and her Servants.

13And the sum of gold that was coming was to Solomon in one year six hundred and sixty and six talents of gold 14Aside from the taxes of the cities and the cargo of the Merchants; and all the Kings of Arabia and the Rulers of the Earth were bringing silver and gold to Solomon. 15And King Solomon made two hundred shields of fine gold, and six hundred darics of fine gold covered one round shield 16And three hundred round shields of fine gold, and three minas of gold were made in the handle of each round shield, and the King put them in the House of the Forest of Lebanon.

17And the King made a great throne of ivory and he overlaid it with pure gold. 18Six steps went up to the throne, and the rim of the throne went around from behind it, and the arms from here and from there on the place of the seat, and two lionesses stood behind the arms. 19And twelve lionesses stood there above the six steps at one side and at the other, and there was nothing made like it in all kingdoms. 20And all the vessels of the service of King Solomon were of gold, and every implement of the house of the treasury of the King was of refined gold, and silver was considered as nothing in the days of Solomon. 21For King Solomon had ships that were going to Tarshish with the Servants of Khiram. Once every three years they were coming, and the ships that were going to Tarshish were loaded with silver and gold and elephants and apes and peacocks.

22And King Solomon became greater than all the Kings of the Earth in wealth, and in wisdom. 23And all the Kings of the Earth were seeking to see the face of Solomon and to hear the wisdom that LORD JEHOVAH put in his heart. 24And those were bringing to him, each man, his offering vessels of silver and vessels of gold and garments and myrrh and sweet fragrances and horses and shemules by account every year by year.

25And Solomon was Ruler in all kingdoms from the river Euphrates and unto the land of the Philistines and unto the borders of the Egyptians. 27And King Solomon put in Jerusalem silver like stones, and cedars he put like the sand that is upon the shore of the sea in abundance. 28And they were buying horses for Solomon from Egypt and from all the cities.

30And Solomon was king over Jerusalem and over all Israel forty years.

31And Solomon fell asleep with his fathers and they buried him in the city of David his father, and Rekhabaam his son became king after him.

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