Daniel 9
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1In the year one of Darius, son of Akhashiresh, from the seed of the Medes, who became King in the kingdom of the Chaldeans 2In year one of his kingdom, I, Daniel, understood in the scripture, by the number of years, I saw the word of LORD JEHOVAH that Jeremiah the Prophet spoke, that when the desolation of Jerusalem is finished is seventy years 3I lifted my face before LORD JEHOVAH God to inquire in prayer, and in supplication and with fasting, and in sackcloth, and in ashes 4And I prayed before LORD JEHOVAH my God, and I gave thanks, and I said: “I beg you, LORD JEHOVAH, God, great and awesome, keeping covenant and grace for those who love him and those who keep his commandments 5We have sinned, and we have gone astray, and we have done wickedness, and we have rebelled, and we turned away from your commandments and from your judgments 6And we have not listened to your Servants the Prophets, for they spoke in your name to our Kings, and to our Princes, and to our fathers, and to all the people of the land

7Yours, LORD JEHOVAH, is the victory, and ours is shame of faces as today, to the men of Yehuda and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to all Israel, those who are near and those who are far away in all lands where you scattered them, in their evil that they have done to you! 8LORD JEHOVAH, ours is shame of faces, to our Kings, and to our Princes, and to our Fathers, because we have sinned against you! 9Mercies and forgiveness of sins are of LORD JEHOVAH God, for we have rebelled against him 10And we have not listened to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH, our God, to walk in the laws that he set before us by the hand of his Servants the Prophets 11And all Israel passed by your Law, and they turned aside and they did not listen to your voice, and you have brought upon them the curses and the oaths that are written in the Law of Moses, the Servant of God, because we have sinned before him! 12And he has confirmed his words that he spoke against us and against our Judges who have judged us, to bring upon us great evil, the like to which was not done under Heaven, as what was done in Jerusalem! 13As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil has come upon us, and we have not prayed before LORD JEHOVAH our God, that we would turn from our evil, and we would understand your faith! 14And LORD JEHOVAH has aroused evil and brought it upon us, because LORD JEHOVAH our God is righteous in all his works that he has done, and we have not listened to his voice!

15Therefore, LORD JEHOVAH our God, you who brought your people out from the land of Egypt by a strong hand, and you have made a name for yourself as it is today, we have sinned and we have been evil! 16LORD JEHOVAH, according to all of your righteousness that you have done with us, let your passion and your anger return from your city Jerusalem and from your holy mountain, because, in our sins and in the evils of our fathers, your people have been scattered in every place. Jerusalem has become a reproach to all the nations 17Therefore, hear, God, in the prayer of your Servant, and in our supplication, and shine your face in your sanctuary that is desolate, because of your Name, LORD JEHOVAH! 18My God, bend your ear and hear, and open your eyes, and see our desolations, and our ruins, and the city upon which your name is called! For it is not upon our righteousness that we trust and pray before you, but upon your many mercies! 19LORD JEHOVAH, hear, LORD JEHOVAH! Atone for us, LORD JEHOVAH! Listen and do, and do not delay, because of your name, my God, because your city and your people are called by your name!”

20And while I prayed and confessed my debts and the debts of my people, Israel, and I lay my supplication before LORD JEHOVAH, God, concerning the holy mountain of my God 21And while I spoke in prayer, also the man Gabriel, whom I saw in the vision before, flew and was flying and came from Heaven, and he came near to me in the time of the evening offering 22And he came and he spoke with me and said to me: “Daniel, now I have come forth that I would teach you that you will understand 23At the beginning of your prayer the response went out and I have come to show you, because you are pleasing. Understand the response and consider the vision

24Seventy weeks shall remain for your people and for the city of your holiness, and to finish debts and to end sins, for the release from evil, and to bring righteousness from eternity, and to finish the vision and the Prophets, and to The Messiah, The Holy of Holies 25And you shall know and you shall understand from the departure of the word to return to build Jerusalem and to the coming of The Messiah The King, is seven weeks and sixty and two weeks. He shall return and he shall build Jerusalem, its streets and its broad places for the end time 26And after sixty and two weeks The Messiah will be killed, and it is not for himself; and the City of Holiness shall be destroyed with the King who comes, and its end is in an overwhelming flood, and it is until the end of the war of the judgments of destruction 27And he shall strengthen the covenant with many, one week and half of a week, and he shall cancel sacrifice and offering, and upon the wings of abomination destruction shall rest upon the desolation until the end of the judgments

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