Ecclesiastes 6
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1There is evil that I have seen under the sun, and it is great upon the children of man 2A man to whom God will give wealth and goods and honor and his soul lacks nothing of all that he desires and God does not enable him to consume it, but a man who is a stranger will consume it who comes after him; this is futility and a disease 3If a man will beget a hundred and he will live many years and the days of his years will be multiplied, and his soul will not be satisfied from precious things, and also he will have no burial, I have said that a miscarriage is better than he 4Because he came in futility and in darkness he will go, and in darkness his name will be hidden 5Also he does not see the sun and he knows no rest, one no more than the other 6And if he lives two thousand years and he sees no good, do not all go to one place?

7All that a man labors goes into his mouth and his soul is not full 8Because there is more profit to the wise than to the fool. Why does the poor man know to go to The Life? 9Better the sight of the eyes than the going of the soul, and this also is futility and agitation of the soul

10Whatever has been from the first is called by its name, and it is known what a son of man is, and he cannot judge with whomever is more powerful than he 11Because there are many matters that increase futility. What profit does a son of man have? 12For who knows what good a son of man has in his life, the numbers of the days of life of his futility, and he passes them as a shadow? Who will show a son of man what will be after him under the sun?

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