Ecclesiastes 8
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1Who is like The Wise One and who knows the interpretation of the Word? The wisdom of a man will enlighten his face, and he whose face is shameless will be hated

2The mouth of the King keep, and do not be hasty concerning the word of the oath of God 3Go from before him and do not stand in an evil matter, because all that he will desire he will do 4Just as the King has spoken, he is authorized, and who will say to him: "What are you doing?"

5He who keeps the commandment does not know an evil matter, and the heart of the wise knows time and judgment 6Because for every desire there is a time and judgment, because the affliction of man is great upon him 7Because there is no one who knows what has been, and what will happen to him. Who shows him what comes after him? 8There is no man who is authorized over the wind to withhold the wind, and there is no authority in the day of death, and there is no escape in the day of war, and evil does not save its masters 9And I have seen all this and I have given my heart to know all work that is done under the sun, and the time when a man is authorized over a son of man to afflict him

10And then I saw the wicked being buried, and they came, and they went from the place of holiness and were forgotten in the city where they had thus worked, and this also is futility 11Because punishment of evil doers is not done quickly, therefore the heart of sons of men is filled in them to do what is evil 12Whoever sins does a hundred evils and prolongs himself, and I know that it will be good for the worshipers of LORD JEHOVAH who will stand in awe before him 13And the wicked one will have no good, and he will not lengthen days like a shadow, because he is not in awe before God

14There is futility that is done upon Earth because there are righteous ones to whom it happens as the work of the wicked, and there are the wicked to whom it happens like the work of righteous ones; and I said that this also is futility 15And I praised joy, for there is no good for a son of man under the sun but to eat and to drink and to rejoice, and this accompanies him in his labor all the days of his life that God gives him under the sun

16Because of this, I have given my heart to know Wisdom and to see the business that is done upon Earth, because by day and by night with his eyes he sees no sleep 17And I have seen all the work of God, for a son of man will not master the work that is done under the sun. All that a son of man toils that he may seek he will not find, and none who will claim to know The Wise One will be able to find

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