Exodus 27
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1And make the altar of the wood of the box tree, five cubits its length and five cubits its width; the altar shall be square and its height three cubits. 2And make its horns; its horns will be on the four corners of it, and overlay it with brass. 3And make its pots for its ministry and its cauldrons, and its hanging pots, and its forks, and its censers, and all its implements make of brass. 4And make a grate as the work of a network of brass and make four rings of brass over the grate, over its four sides. 5Put it under the outside of the altar underneath, and the grate shall be unto the middle of the altar. 6And make poles for the altar, poles of the wood of box tree and overlay them with brass. 7And put poles in the rings and they shall be on two sides of the altar when they carry it. 8Hollow with boards you shall make it, as I showed you in the mountain, in this way they shall do.

9And make a courtyard for the Tabernacle on the side of the south wind, the curtain of the courtyard of fine woven white linen, a hundred cubits the length of one curtain. 10Its pillars are twenty and their sockets of brass twenty, and the nails of the pillars and their overlay of silver. 11And thus for the side of the north, a curtain of a hundred cubits in length, and its pillars twenty, and their twenty sockets of brass, and the nails of the pillars and their overlays of silver. 12And the width of the courtyard to the west side is fifty cubits, their pillars, ten, and their sockets, ten. 13And the width of the courtyard to the side of the wind of the east, fifty cubits. 14And fifteen cubits a curtain of the side; their pillars, three, and their sockets, three. 15And for the second side fifteen curtains, their pillars, three, and their sockets, three. 16And for the gate of the courtyard a covering of twenty cubits, blue fringes and purple and dye of scarlet and fine woven white linen, work of embroidery; their pillars, four, and their sockets, four. 17All of the encircling pillars of the courtyard, overlaid with silver, and their nails of silver, and their sockets of brass. 18And the length of the courtyard a hundred cubits, and its width, fifty each, and its height, five cubits of fine woven white linen, and their sockets of brass. 19All of the implements of the Tabernacle and all its service and all its poles and all the stakes of the courtyard are of brass.

20And you command the children of Israel and take to you pure oil of trodden olives to light the lamps constantly 21In the Time Tabernacle outside of the covering that is upon the Testimony, and Ahron and his sons will set them in order from evening and unto the morning before LORD JEHOVAH: the law to eternity for your generations from the presence of the children of Israel.

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