Exodus 30
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1And make an altar of incense offering; you shall make it of the wood of the box tree. 2A cubit its length, a cubit its width; it shall be square, and its height two cubits; its horns shall be part of it. 3And overlay it in pure gold, its top and its walls all around and its horns, and make it a crown of gold like a circle. 4And you shall make two rings of gold for it under its crown, on the two corners you shall make on its two sides, and they will be the places for the poles to carry it by them. 5And make the poles of wood of the box tree and overlay them in gold. 6And place it before the covering that is over the Ark of the Testimony before the Mercy Seat that is over the Testimony, and I shall meet you there. 7And Ahron will be burning incense of sweet spices upon it from dawn to evening; whenever he prepares the lamp he will burn it. 8And whenever Ahron lights a lamp between suns, he shall burn incense constantly before LORD JEHOVAH for your generations. 9You shall not offer up foreign incense upon it, and sacrifice and offering and drink offering you shall not pour upon it. 10And Ahron shall make atonement on the horns of the altar once a year from the blood of sin offering of the atonement; once in a year he shall make atonement upon it for your generations; it is The Holy of Holies to LORD JEHOVAH.”

11And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him, 12“When you will receive a number of the children of Israel, for their number each man shall give the redemption of his soul to LORD JEHOVAH whenever you have numbered them, that no death shall be among them whenever you have numbered them. 13In this way all who are present in the number shall give a half shekel in a holy shekel, twenty 14/4 shekels to a shekel; a half shekel is the offering to LORD JEHOVAH. 15All who are present in the number from a son of twenty years and above will give an offering to LORD JEHOVAH. 16He who is rich will not increase and he who is poor will not diminish from a half a shekel, to give an offering to LORD JEHOVAH to atone for your souls.

17And you shall take the money of atonement from the children of Israel and you shall give to the service of the Time Tabernacle and it will be for the children of Israel as a remembrance before LORD JEHOVAH to atone for their souls.” 18And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and he said to him, 19“Make a basin of brass and its base of brass for washing and set it between the Time Tabernacle and the altar and put water there. 20And Ahron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet from it: 21Whenever they enter the Time Tabernacle they shall wash with water and they will not die, and whenever they come near the altar to serve and to burn an incense offering to LORD JEHOVAH:

22They shall wash their hands and their feet that they will not die and there shall be for them an eternal covenant, to him and to his seed for their generations.” 23And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him, 24“You take to yourselves excellent incense, pure myrrh,five hundred shekels, and sweet cinnamon, half of it two hundred and fifty shekels, and a rod of sweet incense, two hundred and fifty shekels, 25And cassia, five hundred holy shekels and oil of olives, a hin: 26And make holy anointing oil, make fragrant incense, fragrant oil of anointing and it shall be holiness. 27And you shall anoint the Time Tabernacle and the Ark of the Testimony with it, 28And the table and all its implements and the Menorah and its implements and the altar of incense, 29And the altar of burnt offering and all its implements and the basin and its base. 30And hallow them and they shall be The Holy of Holies, and everything that will touch them will be hallowed. 31And Ahron and his children you shall anoint and you shall hallow them to serve as Priests to me. 32And speak with those of the house of Israel and say, ‘The oil of the anointing for holiness, this shall be mine for your generations. 33It shall not be rubbed on the flesh of man and you will not make any in its likeness because it is holiness, and holiness it shall be to you.

34And a man who will make fragrance like it and he who will give of it to a foreigner will be destroyed from his people.’” 35And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “Take to yourselves sweet spices: oil of myrrh and onycha and fragrant resin incense and frankincense; it shall be pure and balanced: 36And make it incense of ointment, fragrant work mixed that is purified for holiness: 37And pound some of it and break it up and give some of it before the Testimony of the Time Tabernacle where I shall meet with you there; The Holy of Holies it shall be to you. 38And the incense that you will make, you will not make in its likeness for yourselves; it shall be holiness to you for LORD JEHOVAH.

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