Hosea 1
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1The word of LORD JEHOVAH that was upon Hosha, son of Beri, in his days of Uzia and of Yotham and of Akhaz and of Khezeqia, Kings of Judea, and in the days of Yorbaam, son of Yoash, King of Israel

2The beginning of the word of LORD JEHOVAH that was upon Hosha: “LORD JEHOVAH said to Hosha: ‘go take to you a wife who commits whoredom and children who commit whoredom because the land of LORD JEHOVAH will surely commit whoredom after him’ 3And he went on and he took to him Gomer daughter of Deblim and she conceived and she bore to him a son 4And LORD JEHOVAH said to him ‘call his name Yezreel, because after a little while I avenge the blood of Yezreel against the house of Yehu, and I shall destroy the kingdom of the house of Israel 5In that day I shall break the bow of Israel in the valley of Yezreel’

6And she conceived again and she bore a daughter and LORD JEHOVAH said to me: ‘call her name “La Ethrakhmath” because I do not continue to show compassion on those of the house of Israel but I am certainly removing them 7But on the house of Judea I shall show compassion and I shall save them in LORD JEHOVAH their God. I shall not save them with a bow, neither by the sword, neither by war, neither with horses, nor by horsemen’

8And she weaned La Ethrakhmath and she conceived again and she bore a son 9And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: ‘call his name La Ammi, because you are not my people, and I shall not be yours

10And if the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea that is not measured neither is numbered, also it will be in the place that was spoken to them: ‘you are not my people’, there they shall be called the children of The Living God

11And the children of Yehuda and the children of Israel will be assembled as one and they shall make for themselves one Leader and they shall come up from the land for great is the day of Yezreel

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