Jeremiah 47
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1Concerning Palestine: And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was on Jeremiah the Prophet, that he prophesied concerning the Philistines before Pharaoh would strike Aza

2Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold, I bring young men from the North, and they shall be as a torrent that overflows, and they shall overflow the land and its fullness, the city and her inhabitants, and the children of men shall cry out, and all the inhabitants of the land shall wail

3From the sound of those walkers of hooves of its mighty men, and from the shaking of its chariots and from the sound of its wheels, the fathers did not turn to the children, because their hands were weakened

4Behold, the day has come to plunder all Philistines and to destroy Tyre and Tsidon and everyone who was left to help, because LORD JEHOVAH put the Philistines to the sword, and the rest of the islands of the Qaphodoqians

5Slaughter has arrived at Aza! Ashqalon is defeated, and everyone that is left in their habitation!

6Oh, Sword of LORD JEHOVAH, how long will you not be quiet and will you not cease to destroy? Be put away into your sheath! Be put away and be still!

7How will it be still when LORD JEHOVAH ordered it concerning Ashkelon and concerning the coasts of the sea? There he authorized it!

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