Jeremiah 48
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1About Moab: Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts God of Israel: “Woe to Nebo which is plundered! She is ashamed and she blushed! Qurathim is ashamed and her strength is scattered

2And there is no more glory for Moab. They have conceived evil against her in Kheshbon, and they said: ‘Come, we will destroy her from the people; even if you will be very quiet, the sword will go after you!’”

3The sound of wailing from Khornim, plunder and great ruin!

4Moab was defeated and her poor ones made an outcry heard!

5While weeping at the ascent of Lukhith, they shall go up, and in the descent of Khornim they shall cause suffering and the crying of brokenness

6Hear and flee and save your souls and be like a root in the wilderness!

7Because you have trusted on your mighty ones and upon your treasures, you also shall be seized and Kemosh shall go forth into captivity, and his Priests and his Princes as one

8And the plunderer shall come on all your cities, and they shall not be delivered, and the low lying country shall be destroyed, and the valley shall be desolated, just as LORD JEHOVAH said

9Give a crown to Moab because the sword destroys and all her cities shall be for a wilderness which is without inhabitant

10Cursed is he whoever will do the work of LORD JEHOVAH by deceit, and cursed is he whoever cheats his sword of blood!

11The Moabites are calm from their youth and they have settled on their dregs and they have not emptied from vessel to vessel, and they did not go into captivity; because of this, their taste remains in them and their scent does not abate

12Because of this, behold, days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall send upon them plunderers, and they shall plunder them, and they shall empty their vessels, and their bottles they shall shatter 13And Moab shall be ashamed of Kemosh as those of the house of Israel were ashamed of Bayth Eil their trust

14How do you say, "We are mighty men and men powerful for battle”?

15Moab is plundered and its cities are offered up, and chosen ones of his mighty men were handed over for slaughter, says The King; LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts is his name

16Near is the ruin of Moab to come, and his affliction is very fast

17They were alarmed and all who are around him shook, and all who know his name said, “How was the strong staff broken and the rod of glory!”

18Come down from honor and dwell in disgrace, inhabitant of the daughter of Ribun, because the plunderers of Moab went up upon you and destroyed your fortresses

19Stand on the roads and gaze, inhabitant of Aduir. Ask the fugitive and him who escapes; say: “What has happened?”

20Moab is ashamed because it is defeated. Wail and cry out in Arnon, because Moab is broken!

21And judgment came on the land of Meshor and upon Khelon, and upon Yahats, and upon Mephyath 22And upon Ribun, and upon Nabu, and upon Bayth Deblathim 23And upon Qurathim, and upon Bayth Gamol, and upon Bayth Muun 24And upon Qeryoth, and upon Butsar and upon all the cities of the land of Moab that are distant and those that are near 25The trumpet of Moab is broken in pieces and his arm is broken, says LORD JEHOVAH 26Grieve for him, because he lifted himself up against LORD JEHOVAH, and Moab shall be afflicted in his vomit, and he also will exist for ridicule 27And if Israel was not for ridicule to you, also he found among thieves when you were making war with him

28Leave the cities and dwell on the cliffs, dwellers of Moab, and be as a dove that nests on the ledge

29We heard the Princes of Moab who are very pompous in their pompousness and their pride, and the pride of their hearts I know, says LORD JEHOVAH

30Their works have not been righteous and their soothsayers were not predicting about it in this way

31Because of this, wail for Moab and all from every place! Cry out for Moab and against the men who dwell in his house! They shall be scheming evil

32From the weeping of Yezir, I shall make you weep, vine of Sebma! Your shoots crossed the sea and they have arrived unto the Sea of Yezir, because upon your harvest and upon your vintage the plunderer falls!

33And joy and dancing shall pass away from the land of Karmela and from the land of Moab, and wine from the winepress shall end! Those treading a wine press shall not tread out, neither shall they answer and say, “Hurrah! Hurrah!”

34From the outcry of Kheshbon unto Elelah and unto Yahaz, they lift up their voice from Tsaar and unto Khorim, and unto to the fortress city of Alas, like a three year old heifer, because the waters of Nimrim shall fail 35And I shall rid from Moab, says LORD JEHOVAH, him who brings out burnt offerings and sets incense for his god

36Because of this, my heart shall speak for Moab like a harp, because they have done evil and were destroyed 37For their heads are sheared and their beards are shaven and upon all their hands is sorrow, and upon the waist, sackcloth 38And upon all the rooftops of Moab and in the streets, all are mourning, because I broke Moab like a vessel; there is no benefit in it, says LORD JEHOVAH 39How they have broken down and wailed, and how Moab has turned his back and is ashamed, and Moab will be for ridicule and a ruin before all the nations!

40Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold, as an eagle he shall ascend and he shall soar and he shall spread his wings over Moab

41Qerioth has been seized and Metsruth has been subjugated, and the hearts of the mighty men of Moab will be in that day like the heart of a woman that is in labor to give birth

42And Moab shall be cut off from the people, because he lifted himself up against LORD JEHOVAH

43Fear and the pit and a snare upon you, dweller of Moab, says LORD JEHOVAH!

44And he who will escape from the sound of terror shall fall into a ditch, and he who will climb from within a ditch will be caught in a snare, because I bring these things on Moab the year of their visitation, says LORD JEHOVAH

45Because fire has proceeded from Kheshbon and a flame from the fortress cities of Sihon, and will devour the border of Moab and the Rulers of the sons of tumult

46Woe to you! Moab has come to nothing, for the people of Khemosh are scattered, your children and your daughters into captivity!

47And I shall turn back the captivity of Moab in the last days, says LORD JEHOVAH. As far as here is the judgment of Moab!

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Jeremiah 47
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