Jeremiah 52
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1Son of twenty and one years was Tsedeqia when he reigned, and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother was Khamatul, daughter of Jeremiah, from Lebnah 2And he did evil before LORD JEHOVAH, according to what Yoiaqim did 3Because of these things, the anger of LORD JEHOVAH was against Jerusalem and against Yehuda until he drove them out from before his face, and Tsedeqia the King rebelled against Nebukadnetsar, King of Babel 4And in the year ninth of his kingdom, in the tenth month, in the tenth of the month, Nebukadnetsar King of Babel came, he and all his army, against Jerusalem, and encamped against it and they built up against it bulwarks in a circle 5And the city entered into the siege until the eleventh year of the King Tsedeqia 6And in the seventh month, in the ninth of the month, a famine prevailed in the city and there was no bread for the people of the land 7And the city was breached, and all the men warriors fled, and they went out from the city in the night in the road of the gate that was between the walls, by the sides of the garden of the King, and the Chaldeans went around the city, and they went in the way of the plain 8And the army of the Chaldeans pursued after the King and they took Tsedeqia in the plain of Jericho, and all his army was scattered from him 9And they seized the King and they brought him to the King of Babel, to Deblath, in the land of Khamath, and he pronounced judgment with him 10And the King of Babel slaughtered the children of Tsedeqiah before his eyes, and all the Nobles of Judea he ran through with the sword in Deblath 11And the eyes of Tsedeqiah he put out, and he bound him in chains, and the King of Babel led him to Babel and delivered him into the house of the guard until the day that he died

12And in the fifth month, in the tenth of the month, this was the nineteenth year of Nebukadnetsar, King of Babel, Nebuzaradan, the High Guard came and stood before the King of Babel in Jerusalem 13And he burned the house of LORD JEHOVAH and the house of the King of Judea, and all of the households of Jerusalem, and all of the households of the Princes they burned in fire 14And all the walls of Jerusalem in a circle the entire army of the Chaldeans that was with the High Guard pulled down 15And some poor of the people and the rest of the people who were left in the city and those that had escaped to the King of Babel and the rest of the people Nebuzaradan captured 16And some poor ones of the people of the land, Nebuzaradan the High Guard left for the vineyards and for cultivation

17And the pillars of brass and the water pots and the sea of brass in the house of LORD JEHOVAH the Chaldeans broke down, and they picked up all their brass and carried it to Babel 18They took the metal pots and cauldrons and large hanging pots and saucers and spoons and all implements of brass by which they ministered 19And the coal pans and censers and forks, the metal pots and snuffers and the menorahs and spoons and bowls of gold and of silver 20And the High Guard took the two pillars of brass and one sea and the twelve bulls of brass under the sides of the sea that King Solomon had made for the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and there was no measurement for the brass of these vessels 21And those two pillars were eighteen cubits, the height of one of the pillars, and a cord of twelve cubits going around it in a circle, and its thickness was four fingers, and it was hollow inside 22And a capital of brass upon it, and the height of one capital: five cubits, and a network and pomegranates on the capitals in a circle, and all of it of brass, and like these for the other pillar and the pomegranates 23And there were ninety and six pomegranates. All the pomegranates were a hundred on the network as a circle

24And the High Guard took Sheriah the Great Priest and Tsephenia the Priest, who was after him, and three Guards of the doors 25And from the city he took one Eunuch who was authorized over the men Warriors, and seven notable men that had been seen before the King who were left in the city, and the Scribe and General of the army of the people of the land, sixty men of the people of the land who were found within the city 26And Nebuzaradan, the High Guard, led them and he took them to the King of Babel, to Deblath in the land of Khamath 27And the King of Babel struck them and he killed them in Deblath, in the land of Khamath, and Yehuda was taken captive from his land

28This is the people that Nebukadnetsar King of Babel took captive in the seventh year of his kingdom: three thousand and twenty and three Judeans 29And in the eighteenth year of the kingdom of Nebukadnetsar, the King of Babel, he took captive from Jerusalem eight hundred and thirty and two souls 30And in year twenty and three of Nebukadnetsar, Nebuzaradan the High Guard took captive souls of Jews: seven hundred and forty and five, all the souls were four thousand and six hundred

31In the year thirty and seven of the captivity of Yoiakin, King of Judea, in the twelfth month, in the five and twentieth of the month, the King of Babel, Ewol Merodak, in the first year of his kingdom, lifted up the head of Yoiakin King of Judea and brought him out from the house of prisoners 32And he spoke with him honorably and raised his throne higher than the thrones of the Kings that were with him in Babel 33And he changed the clothing of his bondage, and he ate bread constantly before him all the days of his life 34And he raised him up. He was going out from before the King of Babel every day, constantly, until the day that he died, all the days of his life

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