Jeremiah 51
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1Thus says LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts: “Behold, I stir up against Babel and against its inhabitants a hard heart and The Destroyer Spirit

2And I shall send against Babel plunderers, and they shall plunder her, and they shall tread her land and they shall be assembled against her all around her in the day of evil

3He who shoots with the bow shall not cease, and the warrior shall not strip his breastplate, and you shall not have pity for her young men. Destroy her army entirely!

4And the killed shall fall in the land of the Chaldeans and the wounded in her streets

5Because Israel and Yehuda have not been widowed of their God, of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, their God, because their land is filled with evil before The Holy One of Israel

6Flee from within Babel and save, each man, his soul, you shall not be swallowed in her sins, because it is the time of her payment from LORD JEHOVAH. He pays her according to her deeds

7Babel is a cup of gold in the hand of LORD JEHOVAH who intoxicates all the Earth with her wine. All the nations have drunk and they were staggering

8Suddenly Babel has fallen and she is pillaged! Wail over her! Take medicines for her sickness; perhaps she will be healed

9We would have healed Babel and she has not been cured. We shall leave her and we shall go, each man to his land, because her judgment approaches unto Heaven, and it is lifted up into the clouds

10LORD JEHOVAH brought out our innocence. Come, we shall tell in Zion the works of LORD JEHOVAH our God

11Gather the quivers; fill them with arrows. LORD JEHOVAH has stirred the spirit of the King of Media, because his mind is upon Babel for its destruction, because her payment is of LORD JEHOVAH and the vengeance of his temple

12On the walls of Babel take up a flag. Set up a Guard and drown her in waters, because LORD JEHOVAH did the thing which he counseled for Babel

13One who dwells in many waters: your treasures are many, your end has arrived and your plague is severe!

14LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts has sworn in his soul: "I shall fill you with men like locusts, and they shall answer against you, and they shall say, ‘Woe! Woe!’"

15LORD JEHOVAH made the Earth by his power, and he has set the world in order in his wisdom, and in his understanding he has stretched out the Heavens

16He gave a sound of the rushing of waters in the Heavens, and lifts up clouds from the ends of the Earth, and he makes lightnings for the rain; he brings forth the wind from his treasuries

17Every man has gone astray from knowledge. All metal workers are put to shame by the fashioned images they have made, because they smelted a lie, and there is no spirit in them

18They are nothing and the works of fools. In the time that they are sentenced, they shall be destroyed

19These things are not like the portion of Yaqob, but he who created all is their portion, and the rod of their inheritance. LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts is his name

20Prepare for me weapons of war. I shall scatter the nations by you and I shall destroy kingdoms by you

21And I shall scatter horses by you and their riders, and I shall scatter chariots and their drivers by you

22And I shall scatter men and women by you, and I shall scatter old men and young men by you, and I shall scatter boys and virgin girls by you

23And I shall scatter by you the Shepherd and his flock, and I shall scatter by you the Ploughman and his plough, and I shall scatter by you Officers and Rulers

24And I shall pay to Babel and all the inhabitants of the Chaldeans all the evils they had done in Zion before your eyes, says LORD JEHOVAH

25Behold I am against you, Mountain Destroyer, says LORD JEHOVAH, who destroys all the Earth, and I shall lift my hand against you and I shall roast you from the rocks, and I shall make you a burning mountain

26And they shall not take away from you a stone for the corners and a stone for a foundation, but you shall be for a desert to eternity, says LORD JEHOVAH

27Set up a flag in the land! Sound the trumpet among the nations! Prepare against her the nations and announce against her the kingdoms of Ardat, and of Armenia, and of Ashkenaz. Command destruction upon her! Bring up horses as locusts!

28Prepare the nations against her, for the King of Media and his Nobles and all his Governors

29And the Earth shall shake and she shall be shocked, because the counsel of LORD JEHOVAH has stood against Babel to lay waste the land of Babel without an inhabitant

30The men of Babel have ceased to fight with the dwellers of Metsruth. Their might was broken and they were like women. They pulled down her tents. They broke down her gates

31He who runs will run next to him who runs, and he who announces next to him who announces to show to The King of Babel that his city was seized from around it

32And its borders are seized and its fields burned in fire, and all her mighty warriors were alarmed

33Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, God of Israel: “The daughter of Babel is like a granary, because the time of its threshing has arrived; before a little and its harvest arrives!”

34Jerusalem has said: “Nebukadnetsar, King of Babel, consumed me and plundered me. He has set me up as an empty vessel. He swallowed me like a dragon; he fills his belly with my delicacies and he has deceived me!

35My spoil and my possessions are taken captive to Babel, and my blood is on the inhabitants of the Chaldeans!”, Jerusalem shall say

36Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold, I judge your judgment and I secure your vengeance, and I shall destroy the sea of Babel, and I shall dry up its springs

37And Babel shall be desolate, a dwelling for jackals and for an astonishment and for hissing, without one inhabitant in it

38They shall roar like lionesses, and they shall growl like whelps of lionesses

39With anger I shall make their drink and I shall make them drunk, and they shall be wrecked and they shall sleep a sleep to eternity and they shall not be awakened, says LORD JEHOVAH

40And I shall deliver them as fattened calves for slaughter, and like rams and he goats for slaughter

41How is Arsacia seized, the glory of all the Earth, just as Babel became a horror among the Gentiles

42The Sea went up over Babel, and in the abundance of its waves she is covered

43His cities were a horror like a desolate land and desolations; no man shall sit in them, and no son of man shall dwell in them

44And I shall pronounce sentence against Beyl in Babel, and I shall take his cake out of his mouth, and the nations shall not fear him again, and also the broad walls of Babel shall fall!

45Go out from within my people, and let a man save his soul from the heat of the wrath of LORD JEHOVAH

46Lest your heart will be broken and you shall be afraid of the report that is heard in the land, and a report shall come in that year, and after that year another report, and there will be plunder in the land. Ruler shall rise against Ruler

47Because of this, behold, days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall command against the carved images of Babel and all the land will be destroyed, and they all will kill her; they will fall within her

48And the Heavens and Earth, and everyone who is in them, will rejoice over Babel, because from the North plunderers shall come upon it, says LORD JEHOVAH

49Also in Babel the slain of Israel will fall, also the slain of Babel will fall in all the Earth

50Those who escaped from the sword, go, and do not stand still. Remember LORD JEHOVAH from a distance and bring up Jerusalem to your heart

51And they of the house Israel will say: “We are very ashamed, because we have heard reproach, and shame has covered our faces, because foreigners have entered the holy place of LORD JEHOVAH!

52Because of this, behold, days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall pronounce sentence against Babel and against her carved images, and in her entire land her slain shall fall

53If Babel will go up to Heaven, and if she sets her fortress in the high place before me, plunderers will come upon it, says LORD JEHOVAH

54A sound of wailing from Babel, and great ruin from the land of the Chaldeans!

55Because LORD JEHOVAH has plundered Babel and destroyed from it the children of men and beast! There was a great sound like many waters when their voice went forth!

56Because plunderers came against Babel, and its mighty men are made prisoners, and their bows are broken, because God The Rewarder, LORD JEHOVAH, shall certainly reward them

57And I shall make her Princes drunk, and her wise men, and her Nobles, and her Rulers, and her mighty men, and they shall sleep a sleep to eternity, and they shall not be awakened, says The King. LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts is his Name �

58Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “The broad walls of Babel shall surely be overthrown, and its high gates shall burn up in fire and the nations shall labor for nothing, and the peoples shall be afflicted in fire

59The word that Jeremiah the Prophet commanded Sheriah, son of Neriah, son of Massia, when he went with Tsedeqia King of Judea to Babel, in the eleventh year of his kingdom, and Sheriah was Commander of the camp 60And Jeremiah wrote all the evil that is coming on Babel in one scroll all these words that are written concerning Babel 61And Jeremiah said to Sheriah: “When you have entered within Babel, read and behold all of these words 62And say: ‘LORD JEHOVAH, you have spoken against this place to destroy it, that there shall not be in it an inhabitant of the children of men or unto beast, because it shall be for a desolation to eternity’ 63And when you have finished reading in this scroll, bind it on a rock and throw it into the Euphrates 64And say, thus shall fall Babel, and she shall not stand before the evil that I bring upon them, and they shall be disabled.” Thus far the words of Jeremiah

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