Joshua 12
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1And these are the Kings of the land whom the sons of Israel killed with the sword, and they possessed their territories at the crossing of Jordan, from the dawning of the sun of the River of Arnon, and unto the Mountain of Hermon and all the broad plain that is to the East 2Sikhun, King of the Amorites, who was dwelling in Kheshbon and was authorized from Aduir that is upon the bank of the river of Arnon and the inside of the valley and half of Gelad and unto Aphaq, the River of the border of the children of Amon 3And the valley unto the Sea of Kenarath from the East, and unto the Sea of the Plain, the Sea of Salt that is to the east of the road of Bayth Ashimun, and from Tayman which is below Ashduth Hill 4And the border of Oog King of Bayshan, from a family of giants which was dwelling in Estruth and in Ardi 5And he was authorized over the mountain of Ashimun and over Salka and over all Bayshan unto the borders of Eindor and of Makath and half of Gelad and the border of Sihon, King of Kheshbon 6Whom Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH killed, and he gave it an inheritance to Rubil and to Gad and to half of the tribe of Menasheh

7And these are the Kings of the land whom Yeshua and the children of Israel put to the sword at the crossing of Jordan, from Araba and from Galgala of the Valley of Lebanon and unto the mountain of Paleg, and it goes up to Sair; and Yeshua gave it to the tribes of Israel for an inheritance in their portion 8In the mountains and in the valleys and in Araba and in Ashdod and in the wilderness and in the South, and the Khithites and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Khivites and the Yebusites 9And these are the Kings of the land whom Yeshua put to the sword: the one King of Yerikho, the one King of Ai on the side of Bayth Eil 10The one King of Jerusalem, the one King of Khebrun 11The one King of Yarmuth, the one King of Lakish 12The one King of Eglun, the one King of Gazar 13The one King of Dabir, the one King of Kherma 14The one King of Gadar, the one King of Adar 15The one King of Lebna, the one King of Arlam 16The one King of Maqar, the one King of Bayth Eil 17The one King of Tapukh, the one King of Khaphar 18The one King of Aphaq, the one King of Neshruun 19The one King of Maruun, the one King of Khazur 20The one King of Shamrin, and of Maroon, the one King of Akhshaph 21The one King of Tanak, the one King of Magdu 22The one King of Raqem, the one King of Naqamam and of Karmela 23The one King of Dur and of Nepathdur, the one King of the Deep Vale and of Galgala 24The one King of Tartsa. All the Kings that Yeshua put to the sword: Thirty one

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