Joshua 11
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1And when Nabin, King of Khazur, heard, he sent to Yubab, King of Merun, and to the King of Samaria and to the King of Akhshaph 2And to the Kings who were North of him who were in the hills and in the south and in the valleys of Kenarath and in the plains and in Nepethdor that was from the West 3To the Canaanites from the East and from the West and the Amorites and the Khithites and the Perizzites and the Yebusites that were on the hills and to the Khivites below the Mountain of Khermon that are in the land of Dawqay 4And those went out and all their camps with them, abundant as the sand that is upon the edge of the sea, and the horses and chariots very abundant 5And all these Kings assembled and they encamped as one by the waters of Merun, and they were prepared to make war with Israel

6And LORD JEHOVAH said to Yeshua: “You shall not be afraid of them, because tomorrow at this time I am causing all of them to be destroyed before the children of Israel, and their horses I shall destroy and their twoman chariots I shall burn in fire 7And Yeshua came to the waters of Merun from the stillness, he and all the people, the Makers of War that were there with him, and they fell on them 8And LORD JEHOVAH delivered them into the hand of Israel and they attacked them with the sword, and they pursued them unto Great Tsidon and unto the place of the collection of waters, and unto the Plain of Mitspia that is in the east, and they attacked them with the sword and did not leave a survivor among them 9And Yeshua did to them as LORD JEHOVAH told him; their horses he destroyed and their twoman chariots he burned in fire

10And Yeshua returned at that time and conquered Khetsur, and its King he killed with the sword, because from former time Khetsur was the chief of these Kingdoms 11And he destroyed all the souls in it by the mouth of the sword and he did not leave one of them breathing, and Khetsur he burned in fire 12And Yeshua conquered all these cities of these Kings, and their Kings, and destroyed them by the mouth of the sword, just as Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH had commanded him 13And Israel burned all these cities that stood on the hills, and Yeshua burned Khetsur 14And the children of Israel plundered all the loot of these cities, and the domestic animals and all the children of men they ravaged by the mouth of the sword, until they finished them, and they left not one of them breathing 15Just as LORD JEHOVAH commanded Moshe his Servant, thus Moshe ordered Yeshua and thus Yeshua did, and he did not remove a word of everything that LORD JEHOVAH commanded Moshe

16And Yeshua took all of this land of the mountain and all the south and all of the land of the plain and all of the mountains and their valleys 17From the Mountain of Paleg and it goes up to Sair and unto Gadgad of the valley of Lebanon that is below the Mountain of Hermon, and Yeshua conquered all of their Kings and killed them 18And for many days Yeshua made war with all these Kings 19And a city was not left that was not handed over to the children of Israel, and they destroyed it, except only the Khivites who were dwelling in Gebuun, whom Yeshua saved, and Yeshua left them that they would work for Israel, and Yeshua captured all these kingdoms and destroyed them 20Because this was from the presence of LORD JEHOVAH, that their heart would be empowered, so that they would go out to battle against Israel, so that they would destroy them and they would not have a prayer, so that he destroyed them just as LORD JEHOVAH commanded Moshe

21And Yeshua came at that time and he destroyed the giants that were in the Mountain of Hermon and of Dabir and of Gebel and of every mountain of Yehuda, and Yeshua destroyed them out of every mountain of Israel with their cities 22And no giant was left in the land of the children of Israel, except only in Aza, and in Geth and in Ashduud which were left 23And Yeshua took all the land just as LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe and Yeshua gave it as an inheritance to Israel in divisions to their tribes, and the land rested from war

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