Joshua 14
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1And these are what the children of Israel inherited in the land of Canaan, which Eliazer the Priest and Yeshua son of Nun and the Chief Priests of the tribes of Israel left them as an inheritance 2In the lot of their inheritance, just as LORD JEHOVAH commanded by the hand of Moshe to give to the nine tribes and to the half tribe 3Because Moshe gave an inheritance to two tribes and to the half a tribe at the crossing of Jordan, and to the Levites he did not give an inheritance among them 4Because the sons of Yoseph were the two tribes, Manasheh and Aphrim, and he did not give a division to the Levites in the land, excepting only towns in which to dwell and fields for their animals and for their cattle 5Just as LORD JEHOVAH commanded Moshe, thus the children of Israel did and they divided the land

6And the children of Yehuda approached Yeshua in Galgala, and Kalab son of Yuphna the Qenezite said to Yeshua: “You know the word that LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe his Servant about my property and about your property in Raqem d’Gaya 7When I was a son of forty years, then when Moshe the Servant of God sent me from Raqem d’Gaya to explore the land and I brought him an answer according to what was in my heart 8And our brothers, those who came up were with us, made the heart of the people tremble and I followed perfectly after LORD JEHOVAH my God 9And Moshe swore at that time and said: “The land on which your foot has trodden will be your inheritance and for your sons to eternity, because you have followed perfectly after LORD JEHOVAH God 10And now, behold, LORD JEHOVAH has given rest to us just as he said. Behold, it is now forty and five years from when LORD JEHOVAH said this word to Moshe: "Israel shall walk in the wilderness”, and now I am today a son of eighty and five years 11And until now power is in me like that in the day when Moshe sent me. My power then and now is equal for battle and for going out and for coming in 12Now give me this mountain which LORD JEHOVAH said in that day, and you heard in that day that giants were there and the cities were great and powerful; doubtless LORD JEHOVAH shall be with me and I shall destroy them as LORD JEHOVAH said”

13And Yeshua blessed Kalab son of Yuphna, and he gave him Khebron a fortress city as an inheritance 14Because of this, Khebron the fortress city is an inheritance for Kalab, son of Yuphna, a Qenezite, until today, because he followed wholly after the God of Israel 15And the name of Khebrun the fortress city before was Quryath Arba of the giant men; and the land rested from war

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