Joshua 16
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1And the lot of the children of Yoseph came out from Jordan of Yerikho unto the water of Yerikho from the east of the wilderness that ascends from Yerikho and unto the mountain of Bayth Eil 2And it went out from Bayth Eil to Luz and it passed to the border of Ebra and of Atruth 3And it came down to the West to the border of Pelta unto the border of Bayth Khuran the lower and unto Gadar, and its limits were to the West

4And the children of Yoseph inherited Manasheh and Aphrim 5And the border of the children of Aphreim for their families, the border of their inheritance was Atruth Erad unto Bayth Khuran the upper 6And the border went out to the west of the portion of the north and Khadar, the border from the east which is under Shilu, and it passed from the east of Yelukh 7And it went down from Yelukh to Atruth and to Yagrath and to Pagar and to Yerikho and it went out from Tapukh to the Jordan 8And it went on to the border west of the river of Qaba, and its limits were to the West. This is the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Aphreim for their families 9The cities that were set apart for the children of Aphreim within the inheritance of the children of Manasheh, all the cities and their fields 10And they did not kill the Canaanites who were dwelling in Gadar, and the Canaanites have dwelt within Aphreim until today, and they are subject to taxation

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