Joshua 17
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1And Gelad was the portion of the tribe of Menasheh, because he was the firstborn of Yoseph, and to Makir the firstborn of Menasheh, the father of Gelad, because he was the firstborn, a man warrior, and Gelad and Mathnin were his 2And it belonged to the children of Manasheh who were left for their families, and to the children of Abiazar, and to the children of Khalaq, and to the children of Nashrayel, and to the children of Shupham, and to the children of Khaphar, and to the children of Shamida; these are the sons of Menasheh, son of Yoseph, the males of their families

3And for Tsalphkhad, son of Khaphar, son of Gelad, son of Makir, son of Manasheh there were no sons for him, but only daughters; and these are the names of his daughters: Makhla and Yaa and Khagla and Melka and Tartsa 4And they came before Eliazar, the Priest, and before Yeshua, son of Nun, and before the Princes of Israel, and they said: “LORD JEHOVAH commanded Moshe to give us an inheritance among our brothers, and he gave to us according to the word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH among the brothers of our father, and now give to us an inheritance among the brothers of our father.” And Yeshua gave them an inheritance and a division among the brothers of their father 5And ten allotments fell to Menasheh, aside from the land of Gelad and of Mathnin that are at the crossing of Jordan 6Because the daughters of Menasheh inherited an inheritance with their brothers, and the land of Gelad was for the sons of Menasheh who were left

7And the border of the children of Manasheh was from the border of Makath that is on the right hand of the inhabitants of Eyn Tapukh 8And their land was in Tapukh and Patakh and was the border for the children of Manasheh son of Yoseph, and to the place of the children of Aphreim 9And their border came down to the valley of the Sea from the south of the valley of these cities of Aphreim to the place of the cities of Menasheh and the border of Menasheh from the north of the valley, and its limits were to the west 10And the south to Aphreim and the north to Menasheh, and the Sea was their border, and in Ashir they meet from the north and in Issakar from the east 11And Menasheh’s was next to that of Issakar, Bayth Yashan and its villages and Nablam and its villages, and Eyn Dur and its villages, and Tanak and its villages, and Magdu and its villages, three corners 12And the sons of Israel did not destroy these cities because the Canaanites took refuge to dwell in these villages 13And when the children of Israel became strong they subjected the Canaanites by taxation and they did not kill them

14And the children of Yoseph said to Yeshua: “Why have you given us one part of an inheritance and one portion, and we are many people since LORD JEHOVAH has blessed us here?” 15Yeshua Said to them: “If you are many people, go up yourselves to the side of the mountain and choose for yourselves there in the land of the Parizites and of the giants, because the Mountain of Aphreim is narrow for you” 16And the children of Yoseph said: “The mountain and the cities of the Parizites are not enough for us, because the Canaanites dwell in the land of the Deep Valley and in Bayth Yashan, and in its villages, and in the Deep Valley of Yizrael!” 17And Yeshua said to the house of Yoseph, to the children of Aphreim and Manasheh: “You are many people and you have a great army; if one portion is not enough for you 18Choose the Mountain for yourselves and it will be enough for you, and choose it, for the mountain shall be the limits for you, and destroy the Canaanites and the Perizites, because they have great chariots that are of strong iron, and they are strong”

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