Psalm 7
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1LORD JEHOVAH, my God, in you I have hoped; redeem me and save me from all my persecutors.

2Lest they tear my soul apart like a lion and there is none who saves and delivers.

3LORD JEHOVAH, my God, if I have done this and if there is evil in my hands,

4And if I paid him who did evil to me and if I have afflicted my enemies for nothing,

5May the enemy persecute my soul, and let him seize it and tread my life into the ground, and destroy my honor into the dust.

6Arise, LORD JEHOVAH, in your wrath, and I shall be lifted up above the neck of my enemies; awaken for me the judgment that you have commanded.

7And the congregation of the peoples will surround you, and for its sake you shall return on high.

8LORD JEHOVAH shall judge the nations. Judge me, LORD JEHOVAH, according to my righteousness and according to my integrity.

9Let evil be spent upon the wicked and establish the righteous; God, the Righteous One proves the heart and the kidneys.

10God is my helper, who saves the upright in heart.

11God, the Judge of truth, is not angry every day.

12If he does not turn, he sharpens his sword, he bends his bow; he is ready.

13And he prepares for himself the instruments of wrath; he makes his arrows burn.

14Because the evil one is corrupt and has conceived lies and has given birth to evil,

15He has dug a pit and has dug it and has fallen into the ditch that he made.

16His evil will return upon his head, and upon his desire his evil will descend.

17I shall confess LORD JEHOVAH according to my righteousness, and I shall sing praise to The Name of LORD JEHOVAH The Most High.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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