Psalm 97
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1LORD JEHOVAH reigns! The Earth will be glad; the many islands shall rejoice!

2Clouds and thick darkness surround him; his throne is established in righteousness and in judgment.

3Fire will devour before him and will burn up his enemies.

4His lightnings lit up the world, the Earth saw and was troubled.

5And the mountains melted like wax before LORD JEHOVAH, the Lord of all the Earth!

6Heaven has shown his righteousness and all the people beheld his honor!

7All who serve idols and boast in carvings shall be ashamed! Worship him, all his Angels!

8Zion will hear and rejoice and the daughters of Yehuda will be glad because of your judgments, LORD JEHOVAH!

9Because you are LORD JEHOVAH, The Highest over all the Earth and you are greatly exalted over all gods!

10The lovers of LORD JEHOVAH hate evil, and he will keep the souls of his righteous ones and he will save them from the hand of the wicked,

11Because light shines to the righteous ones, and joy to the upright in heart.

12Rejoice, righteous ones, in LORD JEHOVAH, and give thanks for the remembrance of his Holiness!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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