Amos 3
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1Hear this word that YHWH has spoken concerning you, O sons of Israel, concerning all the family that I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying,

2“Only you have I known of all families of the earth, "" Therefore I charge on you all your iniquities.”

3Do two walk together if they have not met?

4Does a lion roar in a forest and he has no prey? Does a young lion give out his voice from his habitation, "" If he has not caught?

5Does a bird fall into a snare of the earth, "" And there is no trap for it? Does a snare go up from the ground, "" And it does not capture prey?

6Is a horn blown in a city, "" And do people not tremble? Is there affliction in a city, "" And YHWH has not done [it]?

7For Lord YHWH does nothing, "" Except He has revealed His counsel to His servants the prophets.

8A lion has roared—who does not fear? Lord YHWH has spoken—who does not prophesy?

9“Sound to palaces in Ashdod, "" And to palaces in the land of Egypt, and say: Be gathered on mountains of Samaria, "" And see many troubles within her, "" And oppressed ones in her midst. 10And they have not known to act straightforwardly,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “Who are treasuring up violence and spoil in their palaces.”

11Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: “An adversary—and surrounding the land, "" And he has brought down your strength from you, "" And your palaces have been spoiled.”

12Thus said YHWH: “As the shepherd delivers from the lion’s mouth "" Two legs, or a piece of an ear, "" So the sons of Israel are delivered, "" Who are sitting in Samaria on the corner of a bed, "" And in Damascus [on that of] a couch.

13Hear and testify to the house of Jacob,” "" A declaration of Lord YHWH, God of Hosts.

14“For in the day of My charging the transgressions of Israel on him, I have laid a charge on the altars of Beth-El, "" And the horns of the altar have been cut off, "" And they have fallen to the earth.

15And I have struck the winter-house with the summer-house, "" And houses of ivory have perished, "" And many houses have been consumed,” "" A declaration of YHWH!

Literal Standard Version
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