Hosea 12
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1“Ephraim is enjoying wind, "" And is pursuing an east wind, "" All the day he multiplies lying and spoiling, "" And they make a covenant with Asshur, "" And oil is carried to Egypt.

2And YHWH has a controversy with Judah, "" To lay a charge on Jacob according to his ways, "" He returns to him according to his doings.

3In the womb he took his brother by the heel, "" And by his strength he was a prince with God,

4Indeed, he is a prince to the Messenger, "" And he overcomes [by] weeping, "" And he makes supplication to Him, "" At Bethel He finds him, "" And there He speaks with us,

5Even YHWH, God of the Hosts, YHWH [is] His memorial.

6And you, through your God, turn, "" Keep kindness and judgment, "" And wait on your God continually.

7Canaan! In his hand [are] balances of deceit! He has loved to oppress.

8And Ephraim says, "" Surely I have become rich, I have found wealth for myself, "" All my labors—they do not find against me iniquity that [is] sin.

9And I—your God YHWH from the land of Egypt, "" Again I turn you back into tents, "" As in the days of the appointed time.

10And I have spoken to the prophets, "" And I have multiplied vision, "" And by the hand of the prophets I use allegories.

11Surely Gilead [is] iniquity, "" They have been only vanity, "" In Gilead they have sacrificed bullocks, "" Also their altars [are] as heaps, on the furrows of a field.

12And Jacob flees to the country of Aram, "" And Israel serves for a wife, "" Indeed, he has kept watch for a wife.

13And by a prophet has YHWH brought up Israel out of Egypt, "" And by a prophet it has been watched.

14Ephraim has most bitterly provoked, "" And he leaves his blood on himself, "" And his Lord turns his reproach back to him!”

Literal Standard Version
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