Isaiah 13
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1The burden of Babylon that Isaiah son of Amoz has seen:

2“Lift up an ensign on a high mountain, "" Raise the voice to them, wave the hand, "" And they go into the openings of nobles.

3I have given charge to My sanctified ones, "" Also I have called My mighty ones for My anger, "" Those rejoicing at My excellence.”

4A voice of a multitude in the mountains, "" A likeness of a numerous people, "" A voice of noise from the kingdoms of nations who are gathered, "" YHWH of Hosts inspecting a host of battle!

5They are coming in from a far-off land, "" From the end of the heavens, "" YHWH and the instruments of His indignation, "" To destroy all the land.

6Howl, for the Day of YHWH [is] near, "" It comes as destruction from the Mighty.

7Therefore, all hands fail, "" And every heart of man melts.

8And they have been troubled, "" Pains and pangs take them, "" They are pained as a travailing woman, "" A man marvels at his friend, "" The appearance of flames—their faces!

9Behold, the Day of YHWH comes, "" Fierce, with wrath, and heat of anger, "" To make the land become a desolation, "" Indeed, He destroys its sinning ones from it.

10For the stars of the heavens, and their constellations, "" Do not cause their light to shine, "" The sun has been darkened in its going out, "" And the moon does not cause its light to come forth.

11“And I have appointed evil on the world, "" And on the wicked their iniquity, "" And have caused the excellence of the proud to cease, "" And I make the excellence of the terrible low.

12I make man more rare than fine gold, "" And a common man than pure gold of Ophir.

13Therefore I cause the heavens to tremble, "" And the earth shakes from its place, "" In the wrath of YHWH of Hosts, "" And in a day of the heat of His anger.

14And it has been, as a roe driven away, "" And as a flock that has no gatherer, "" Each to his people—they turn, "" And each to his land—they flee.

15Everyone who is found is thrust through, "" And everyone who is added falls by sword.

16And their sucklings are dashed to pieces before their eyes, "" Their houses are spoiled, and their wives lain with.

17Behold, I am stirring up the Medes against them, "" Who do not esteem silver, "" And gold—they do not delight in it.

18And bows dash young men to pieces, "" And they do not pity the fruit of the womb, "" Their eye has no pity on sons.

19And Babylon, the beauty of kingdoms, "" The glory, the excellence of the Chaldeans, "" Has been as overthrown by God, "" With Sodom and with Gomorrah.

20She does not sit forever, "" Nor continue to many generations, "" Nor does Arab pitch tent there, "" And shepherds do not lie down there.

21And desert-dwellers have lain down there, "" And their houses have been full of howlers, "" And daughters of an ostrich have dwelt there, "" And goats skip there.

22And howlers—he has responded in his forsaken habitations, "" And dragons in palaces of delight, "" And her time [is] near to come, "" And her days are not drawn out!”

Literal Standard Version
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