Isaiah 48
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1“Hear this, O house of Jacob, "" Who are called by the name of Israel, "" And from the waters of Judah came out, "" Who are swearing by the Name of YHWH, "" And make mention of the God of Israel, "" Not in truth nor in righteousness.

2For they have been called from the Holy City, "" And been supported on the God of Israel, "" YHWH of Hosts [is] His Name.

3I declared the former things from that time, "" And they have gone forth from My mouth, "" And I proclaim them, "" Suddenly I have done, and it comes.

4From My knowing that you are obstinate, "" And your neck—a sinew of iron, "" And your forehead—bronze,

5And from that time I declare [it] to you, "" Before it comes I have caused you to hear, "" Lest you say, My idol has done them, "" And my carved image, "" And my molten image commanded them.

6You have heard, see the whole of it, "" And you, do you not declare? I have caused you to hear new things from this time, "" And things reserved that you did not know.

7Now they have been produced and not from that time, "" Indeed, before the day, and you have not heard them, "" Lest you say, Behold, I have known them.

8Indeed, you have not heard, "" Indeed, you have not known, "" Indeed, your ear has not opened from that time, "" For I have known you deal treacherously, "" And [are] a transgressor from the belly, "" One is crying to you.

9I defer My anger for My Name’s sake, "" And [for] My praise I restrain for you, "" So as not to cut you off.

10Behold, I have refined you, and not with silver, "" I have chosen you in a furnace of affliction.

11For My sake, for My own sake, I do [it], "" For how is it defiled? And I do not give My glory to another.

12Listen to me, O Jacob, and Israel, My called one, "" I [am] He, "" I [am] first, and I [am] last;

13Also, My hand has founded earth, "" And My right hand stretched out the heavens, "" I am calling to them, they stand together.

14Be gathered, all of you, and hear, "" Who among them declared these things? YHWH has loved him, "" He does His pleasure on Babylon, "" And His arm [is on] the Chaldeans.

15I have spoken, indeed, I have called him, I have brought him in, "" And he has made his way prosperous.

16Come near to Me, hear this, "" I have not spoken in secret from the beginning, "" From the time of its being, I [am] there, "" And now Lord YHWH has sent Me, and His Spirit.”

17Thus said YHWH, your Redeemer, "" The Holy One of Israel: “I [am] your God YHWH, teaching you to profit, "" Causing you to tread in the way you go.

18O that you had attended to My commands, "" Then your peace is as a river, "" And your righteousness as billows of the sea,

19And your seed is as sand, "" And the offspring of your bowels as gravel, "" His name would not be cut off nor destroyed before Me.”

20Go out from Babylon, flee from the Chaldeans, "" Declare with a voice of singing, "" Cause this to be heard, "" Bring it forth to the end of the earth, "" Say, “YHWH has redeemed His servant Jacob.”

21And they have not thirsted in wastelands, "" He has caused them to go on, "" He has caused waters from a rock to flow to them, "" Indeed, he cleaves a rock, and waters flow.

22“There is no peace,” said YHWH, “for the wicked!”

Literal Standard Version
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